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Control Quest Shaman Guide

Sep 18, 2019
Image via Metabomb.

Quest Shaman is one of the most popular decks in Year of the Dragon so far. It’s an extremely flexible deck that shows good results against any class on every stage of the game. In the recent meta, after the nerfs, Quest Shaman is definitely a tier-one deck. The overall percentage of victories of the archetype is more than 50%.

With the right approach, Quest Shaman is a strong and dangerous deck: players easily hit high Legend ranks with this deck. In this guide we will guide you through all the details, so you can understand the concept of the deck as well as all the intricacies to minimize misplays.

Early Game

The first four turns are simple for the Shaman: fill the board with minions, try to play on curve and proceed with the Quest. Do not be greedy to trade you minions – you want to trade evenly, one to one.

If you did not play EVIL Totem plus Coin on turn one, then try to find a right moment later. Protect it with taunt minions. It’s ok if an opponent kills it. EVIL totem is a dangerous card that will put some pressure on your opponent, especially if you’re playing against control decks.

Do not be afraid to play Weaponized Wasp with active Battlecry. Do not keep it for the late game to deal 6 damage. Your board dominance is paramount with this deck. Basically, what you want to do in early game is to squeeze the most out of EVIL Cable Rat, EVIL totem, and Sludge Slurper. You can also opt for a tempo turn with Lifedrinker + Mutate in tempo match-ups.

Middle Game

By this time, the Shaman is gaining strength as he completes the quest. Although it’s very tempting to use your hero power once the Quest is completed, don’t be so eager to do so. Use it wisely with Lackeys to fit the curve, because it’s really Lackeys that give you presence on the board in the middle game.

If you’re overloaded and losing the board, don’t be so greedy to play Battlecry minions without Hero Power.

In this stage of the game you’ll have powerful combos with Mutate. Former Champ and Giggling Inventor perfectly synergize with Mutate. Although, you should keep those cards against Warriors and try to play them with Barista. Eventually, Warriors will be out of removals, which is just as good for you when it comes to the fatigue stage.

In most cases you will certainly be ahead of the opponent thanks to the hero power, but it does not mean that you should Smorg (go all face). Trading and controlling the board is always handy.

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Late Game

This stage will blow your mind: abundance of cards in the hand, a lot of options, edgy games on fatigue, risky trades, and much more. In the late game you will play a new hero power almost every turn. In rare cases, you can leave the Coin to play Shudderwock with the hero power in slow-paced match-ups, but usually it is not necessary.

Shudderwock is just an additional resource. Thanks to the repetition of all the Battlecries, it will fill your hand with Lackeys, spells, and precious resources.

Do not be afraid to play greedily and drag out the game. In most cases, you’ll outvalue your opponent. Try to find profit from each card, generate even more cards, and discover cards that suit you best depending on the situation in the game.

Important thing worth mentioning is Shudderwock: it often helps you to find lethal or clean the table. Try to remember—at least partially—which battlecries were played. There is a possibility that the Battlecry of the Bog Slosher will trigger and the Shudderwock will return to your hand! Then you can have fun again. Keep pressuring you opponent, and the victory will not take long. Set up lethal with Lifedrinker and Weaponized Wasp. Keep the Mutate for expensive minions like Mogu-Fleshshaper or Former Champ.

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  • Always leave the Corrupt the Waters, Questing Explorer, EVIL Cable Rat and the Sludge Slurper in your hand.
  • Keep Mogu-Fleshshaper in fast-paced match-ups. Play it with Mutate.
  • Plan ahead and do not play cards with overload if it slows you down.
  • Count all the battlecries to know what Shudderwock will do.
  • If you are behind at the beginning of the game, try to return in the game with Mind Control Tech, Sandstorm Elemental, and Mutate.  However, it`s usually the Shaman who controls the board.
  • Play around AoE removals, study modern archetypes and get ready for the most common ones.

Cards to Keep in Mulligan vs Each Class

Warrior: Questing Explorer, EVIL Cable Rat, Sludge Slurper, EVIL totem, Novice Engineer, Shudderwock.

Paladin: Questing Explorer, EVIL totem, Sludge Slurper, EVIL Cable Rat. With a good hand — Mogu-Fleshshaper.

Hunter: Questing Explorer, Sludge Slurper, EVIL totem, EVIL Cable Rat. With a good hand — Mogu-Fleshshaper.

Druid: Questing Explorer, EVIL totem, Sludge Slurper.

Rogue: Questing Explorer, Novice engineer, Sludge Slurper, EVIL Cable Rat. With a good hand — Mogu-Fleshshaper.

Shaman: Questing Explorer, EVIL totem, EVIL Cable Rat, Mogu-Fleshshaper, Mind Control Tech, Sludge Slurper . With a good hand — Sandstorm Elemental.

Mage: EVIL totem, Questing Explorer, Sludge Slurper, EVIL Cable Rat

Priest: EVIL totem, Novice Engineer, Questing Explorer, Sludge Slurper, EVIL Cable Rat. With a good hand — Mogu-Fleshshaper.

Warlock: Mind Control Tech, Questing Explorer, Slimy slobber, Mogu-Fleshshaper.

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