Most Expensive Hearthstone Deck

The Most Expensive Hearthstone Decks

Jul 14, 2016

This article is a follow up on our article from last week, where we taught you how—and why—to conserve your dust for crafting. If that article applied to you, then this one won’t. This is for the people out there rolling in dust. Have you ever considered making a full golden deck? Then this article is for you. Here we will take a look at the most expensive decks in Hearthstone.

It’s worth noting that these decks aren’t necessarily stronger than the cheapest Hearthstone decks. They both have their pros and cons, and many of the low dust decks are extremely competitive. Most of what it comes down to is playstyle. The majority of expensive decks are control decks, and lots of the cheapest decks are aggro decks. Most of the legendaries in the game are high cost, so it simply works out this way. So, if you have lots of dust lying around and want to play decks full of legendaries, read on.

Once again, all decklists will be taken from Tempo Storm. Also, cards from adventures will not be included in the final price.

N’Zoth Renolock

Dust cost: 10080
Number of Legendaries: 7

expensive warlock deck
Decklist via TempoStorm.

After our article on it last week, N’Zoth Renolock once again pops up. This time it is taking its place as one of the top three most expensive competitive decks.

Renolock is a deck that always seems to run a lot of legendaries. This is largely because you can’t run any duplicates, so you are forced to pull from a wider range. This list makes use of seven legendaries in order to hit its dust cost of over 10k.

Renolock decks appeared with Reno himself back when League of Explorers launched. When Standard appeared, Renolock all but died, missing many defensive cards. Now it’s making a comeback, filling the holes with a host of Deathrattle minions, alongside N’Zoth.

This deck does run quite a few commons, but it makes up for it by only having one copy of each. This allows those card slots to be filled with tasty legendaries.

Renolock is a board control deck. It doesn’t run the removal that many other control decks have, so it uses minions instead. The control aspect comes into play with how much healing this deck runs.

By using Life Tap and various healing effects, Renolock is able to manipulate its health easily. This is used to maintain card advantage while still being able to contest the board.

The deck excels against both control and aggro decks. Aggro decks struggle with all the early game minions in this deck.

Control decks lose to Jaraxxus and N’Zoth. If you have the dust and love big bombs, this is one of our favorites.

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Deathrattle Paladin

Dust cost: 10620
Number of Legendaries: 5

expensive paladin deck
Decklist via TempoStorm.

Deathrattle Paladin is another deck we’ve written guides on in the past. When Whispers of the Old Gods launched, Deathrattle Paladin was one of the strongest decks. It made use of delay tactics and board wipes in order to get to late game. Then it simply won by playing massive threat after threat, finishing with N’Zoth. The deck has fallen out of favour largely due to the popularity of flood decks and Aggro Shaman. However, it is still a very strong deck, and one of my personal favourites. It only runs five legendaries, but none of them are from adventures. The deck also runs many rares and epics, putting it onto our list easily with its 10k dust cost.

Deathrattle Paladin is one of the purest control decks. It runs very similarly to Control Warrior and Freeze Mage, in fact. It makes use of board clear abilities to stall out the game. Equality, Consecration, Wild Pyromancer, and Doomsayer all allow for effective stalling. Then, they simply play bomb after bomb. If they get low, they play one of several gigantic heals.

If the game is somehow still going, they simply play N’Zoth and get all their bombs back. This is one of the most frustrating decks to play against, but it’s also one of the most fun decks to pilot. I highly recommend trying this deck at least once if you have the dust.

Control Warrior

Dust cost: 12000
Number of legendaries: 7

expensive warrior deck
Decklist via TempoStorm.

Alright, show of hands, who was surprised this was the most expensive? No one? Okay, good.

Control Warrior has long been known as the king of expensive Hearthstone decks.

This variant runs seven legendaries and five epics, hitting a dust cost of 12k on the dot. When people think control, they think Warrior. When people think hour long games, they think Control Warrior.

If you have lots of dust and lots of time, this is the deck for you.

Have you ever wanted to hit fatigue? Play Control Warrior. This deck is designed to draw out the game until you can play your big threats.

Then, if you still haven’t won, you play the Golden Monkey and get more big threats!

If you haven’t won after that, don’t worry, you still have over 50 armor.

This deck is entirely built around dealing with threats of all sizes while simultaneously gaining armour.

You play Shield Block and Shield Slam together. Draw a card and deal five damage.

You play Justicar. Get a big minion and double your armour for the rest of the game. The rest of the deck is about keeping you alive and getting you to a point where you can comfortably win.

Control Warrior is the most pure Control deck in the game. It is entirely based around answering every threat possible. In many cases, you don’t even need your own threats, you simply run your opponent out of cards. If you have enough dust, this deck is one of the best. It may take a long time to win, but every game is a real war. Every Control Warrior game is one of attrition, and if you play it right, there’s always a way to win. This is the most expensive deck in the game, and it’s also one of the coolest. If you have the dust, play it.

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