Brann Bronzebeard: Exploring Mill Decks

Dec 4, 2015

Brann Bronzebeard opens up many new possibilities for deck building, but he also adds new utility to the Mill Rogue deck.

Mill Rogue focuses on using Coldlight Oracle with cards such as Shadowstep and Gang Up to Force the opponent into drawing out into Fatigue, ultimately killing them.

Mill Rogue Deck

The deck runs a bunch of removal, including Blade Flurry, Fan of Knives, Eviscerate, and Backstab. The deck boosts the damage of the removal by running Spell Damage boosting cards: Bloodmage Thalnos and Azure Drake. In addition, once the opponent’s hand is full with 10 cards, Sap and Vanish become instant removal to help round out the deck’s tool set.

Sap can also be used to deny tempo to the opponent, while Fan of Knives deals well with Aggro, especially with a damage boost from Thalnos or Drake.

The deck’s main goal is to play Coldlight Oracles for draw and to fill the opponent’s hand. Since most of the deck’s cards are low cost, they can be played before the hand fills up. Youthful Brewmaster, Shadowstep, and Gang Up allow the Coldlight Oracles to be played more than twice. Potentially, it’s possible to get 12 Oracle triggers, for a total of 24 cards drawn. Refreshment Vendor and Antique Healbot give the deck the healing power to beat the other player through fatigue.

To reach its key cards, the deck includes lots of draw power. Bloodmage Thalnos, Fan of Knives, Coldlight Oracle, and Azure Drake all give draw power to the deck. Deathlord and Deadly Poison finish up the deck by giving some utility for removal and defense.

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Brann Bronzebeard is a great addition to the deck, because it amplifies the already great effects in the deck. From extra draw with Drake and Oracle to extra Healing with Vendor and Healbot, Brann amplifies the effects of some of the best cards in the deck. Forsen, a popular streamer and participant in many tournaments can be seen using a similar deck in this video (Contains strong language).

The deck fares extremely well against any sort of control or tempo deck. Those decks rely on keeping a large hand to be able to respond to threats, so milling them is easy. Often, they will be unable to provide an answer fast enough to counter your mill. However, aggro decks that also rely on dumping their hands on the field will beat you almost always. Here, Blade Flurry and Vanish are the only chance the deck has to stay in the game. If the draw isn’t lucky, the game is pretty much lost.

Overall, Mill Rogue is fun but gimmicky. The deck can reach Legend, but only if the player puts in some effort.

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Nov 26, 2015
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Nov 20, 2015
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