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Smite Community Profile: Where Kindness Meets Godliness

Dec 28, 2016

Multiplayer games are designed to keep us coming back each day for more. While some players might value the artistic design of a MOBA’s heroes, others might be more drawn to the actual gameplay. One of the most important factors in keeping both new and veteran players around, however, is the community. Smite is a game that seems to fly under the radar, but I think it’s time to talk proudly about what makes the game great.

Smite Community Strength

Like almost all competitive titles, Smite is a game that requires teamwork. Winning a game relies on the cooperation of all team members and this is no easy feat. Considering there are over 20 million players, randomly queuing up with a team of cooperative, friendly players would seem unlikely. But this would not be the general opinion of most current Smite players. Many players–and streamers–don’t experience the aggression or general discontent that other MOBA communities complain about. If you’ve played League or Dota, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

This isn’t to say that awful teammates or trolls don’t exist in Smite. I’ve queued into a game and have had teammates who have intentionally fed or who have intentionally disconnected. It’s just unusual that so many of the game’s players agree that there is a distinct lack of general toxicity. Players are aware of how important teamwork is to success at a level that’s just not present in other MOBAs. For people coming from other communities, it’s an almost surreal experience.

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Smite Players: Calm, Cool, and Collected

My favorite MOBA streamers are those who are able to to connect with their viewers and don’t encourage a toxic environment. There are a good number of Smite streamers who engage with the viewers and simultaneously try to keep their chat rooms sane. Watching streamers like MattyPocket feels like a real blessing.

Good Community Smite Streamers
MattyPocket Stream via Twitch

It can be hard to appreciate how different the Smite community is from other MOBAs. Smite players, my hats off to you. You have truly placed kindness next to godliness. At least in this players’ eyes.

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Gillian Linscott
As the quintessential nerd, Gillian comes from a childhood of band camps, video games and fandoms. It wasn't until being introduced to Dota 2 that she realized how passionate she was about MOBA’s and eSports. If she’s not watching Twitch or writing about the latest MOBA community drama, she can be found making lattes or supporting the carry in Dota 2.
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