In a year filled with so much crazy Dota 2 action, which plays will stand the test of time?
(Screenshot by Esports Edition.)

The Best Dota 2 Plays of 2017

Dec 31, 2017
(Screenshot by Esports Edition.)

It’s the end of the year, which means it’s time for lists and countdowns. We already covered the biggest Dota drama of 2017 earlier this month, so let’s end 2017 on a more positive note and go over the best Dota 2 pro plays of the past year.

Dendi’s 1v1 Mid vs. OpenAI (TI7)

I love Dendi. I know that’s hardly a controversial statement, but the guy is a Dota legend and he’s charismatic and friendly whenever you put him in front of a camera. Whether he’s wearing a Pudge mask or fighting the good fight against a Dota-playing robot, Dendi does it with class.

SumaiL Lands a Five-Man Vortex (Manila Masters)

Storm Spirit is SumaiL’s signature hero for good reason.

ODPixel Proves That Lungs Are For Mere Mortals (DreamLeague)

ODPixel spits out an insane number of words over the course of this clip, and w33ha’s Timbersaw play is unbelievably crisp. No matter what the other team throws at him, he just refuses to die.

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Miracle- Does Some Heavy Lifting (TI7)

Liquid was incredible for all of TI7, but Miracle- pulled out all the stops during the final series against Newbee.

MinD_ContRoL Rats Back (TI7)

MinD_ContRoL is the first to drop in this brawl with LFY, but he buybacks immediately and misses out on the rest of the teamfight. Where was he? Turns out MinD_ContRoL was taking a page out of AdmiralBulldog’s book and ratting the hell out of the LFY’s base.

SumaiL’s Insane Puck Jukes (Epicenter)

Everyone loves crazy escapes, and watching Sumail make it out alive on a sliver of health is definitely one of our highlights of 2017.


EternalEnvy Loses a 1v1 Against Gravity (Manila Masters)

Jacky Mao just can’t catch a break.

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