(Screenshot from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)

A Noob’s Guide to Buying Items

Jul 24, 2018
(Screenshot from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)

Understanding the built-in economy system in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can give a new player a huge boost when it comes to learning the game. Knowing what the best weapons and utilities to buy at specific times means that’s one less thing to worry about, allowing you to concentrate on your gameplay.

So, let’s go through the types of buys available and when’s best to utilise each method.

Pistol Rounds

When it comes to pistol rounds – which are played at the beginning of each half – you only have $800 to utilize. With such small funds, you have to choose carefully when it comes to purchasing the right gear to take down your opponents.

Pistol rounds can be “balls to the wall” in terms of players rushing straight into the action. Utility can be best your best friend in this circumstance, weakening or killing enemies without having to fire a single bullet.

Smoke grenades and flashbangs can help to delay an enemy team, while a HE (high explosive) grenade will deal some serious damage if close enough to them.

Pistol Round
Pistol Round (Screenshot from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)

Full Eco

A full eco round is where you don’t buy anything, either because you’re low on funds or you’re preserving your cash for a full buy down the line. Basically, don’t purchase a single thing unless you’re a Counter-Terrorist — you’ll want a defuse kit or two on your team in that case.

This type of round is practically a sacrifice; you know you’re unlikely to win it, but it should set you up for success in later rounds. Any kill you obtain is a huge plus.


An eco round means you’re being tight with your money, but you’re buying the bare necessities – a cheap pistol and a bit of utility will do. If you’re a Counter-Terrorist, invest in two defuse kits so you can cover both bomb sites. Apart from those small purchases, you’re remaining stringent to benefit yourself in the near future.

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Force Buy

If you force buy, then you’re spending all of your money – though you didn’t have much to begin with. This typically means you’ll be equipped with a sub-machine gun, kevlar, and some utility.

Using a SMG means you earn more money per kill, helping you to rebuild your economy quicker after a risky buy. This is typically a move to pull out when you can’t, or don’t want to, lose the next round – whether it’s the last round in a half or match point to the other team.


If an eco round is where a team saves money, then an anti-eco round is where the enemy team predicts this so they use weapons that will make them a lot of money – such as SMGs and shotguns.

The typical purchases for an anti-eco round include one of the aforementioned weapons, kevlar and a helmet, an upgraded pistol, and utility.

If you expect your opponents to not having any cash to buy substantial weapons and utility, then consider an anti-eco approach.

Utility (Screenshot from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)

Half Buy

The half buy is similar to a full buy — which is explained below — except you opt to save a little bit of cash by sticking with your existing pistol and you don’t go mad on grenades. Only a couple of the Counter-Terrorists need to buy a defuse kit, and they can save money on helmets if they’re playing against Terrorists with a full buy, as helmets won’t stop AK-47’s taking you down with a single headshot.

A half buy round is typical when some players on a team have enough money for a full buy but others don’t quite have the funds. Counter-Terrorists can spend anywhere from $3750-$4950, while it will cost Terrorists around $3700-$4500.

Full Buy

The full buy is fairly standard. Depending on which side you’re on, you buy your main rifle (M4A4 or AK-47), a pistol, two flashes (or one flash and a molotov), a smoke grenade, a HE grenade, kevlar vest & helmet, and a defuse kit if you’re a Counter-Terrorist.

This will cost anywhere between $5000-5600 for Terrorists, and $5850-6200 for Counter-Terrorists.

It’s important to learn the different types of buys available, and economy as a whole, if you want to play harmoniously with a team – whether you’re in a solo queue or teaming up with friends. Good luck!

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