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CS:GO Audio Updates and Improvements to Nuke

Dec 10, 2016

In their most recent update to CS:GO, it seems Valve finally took heed to what players and pundits have been complaining about. The update brought several changes to Nuke meant to improve the map, as well as the introduction of Head-Related Transfer Function, which is a confusing way of saying they’re trying to fix in-game directional sound.

The New Newke

Many of the recent changes made to nuke are meant to improve visual clarity by removing a lot of the clutter from the map. On the outside of the map, they removed all of the yellow bollards near garage and secret. The metal vents that provided cover on mini were also removed and a white surface was added to the fence where T’s would run up on yard.

I personally felt that the yellow bollards were annoying and were always in the way. The removal of the vents at mini removes cover and takes away some of the angles that can be held. One major gripe pros and experts have with the newest version of Nuke are the various angles that can be held outside by either side. These changes are minor but they are a step in the right direction.

New A site of Nuke

Inside the actual facility on the map, Valve removed the ladders from the silos on both bomb sites. On the A site, the railings above the silos were removed. Again, this works to remove some of the clutter on the map and provides easier mobility on the A site.

The B site has some larger changes that should effect it greatly. Toxic now has double doors instead of a window and a single door. The cover inside of toxic has also been rearranged. A stack of boxes was added to cubby providing more cover. With these changes, attacking the B site will be different with more positions for CTs to hold. These changes will also open up after-plant positioning a bit.

New B site of Nuke

The forklift was removed and the squeaky entrance was moved. The idea here may be to remove the clutter and allow for faster movement along that part of the map. With these changes, Valve has taken small steps to address the problems that exist in the map. Pros and pundits seem to agree that areas like vents, ramp, and outside may still need some tweaks but these changes are still progress.

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Audio Changes

Another aspect of CS:GO that has been complained about for a long time is the directional sound. Even the pro players have criticized the audio quality of the game, with the majority of complaints based around the fact that it’s very difficult to tell where an enemy is located based off of sound cues. The new audio option, Head-Related Transfer Function, seems to be Valve’s solution to the audio problems in-game. The release notes state: “The goal is to vastly improve 360 degree vertical and horizontal sound positioning.” We will have to wait and see if this is a real improvement over the current sound settings for the game. But it is good to see Valve trying to make improvements.

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