The Dota 2 roster of Chinese organization Wings Gaming severed ties with the team, appearing at the Kiev Major as Team Random. As of 05/01/2017, the ex-Wings Gaming roster has announced that they will be disbanding.

Dota 2: What Happened to Wings Gaming?

As of 5/1, the Wings Gaming lineup has disbanded. Four out of the five players will retire. Rumors suggest that only iceice will remain active. Wings Gaming might have been TI6 Champions, but bLink and company have found themselves in an unexpected...
Attending TI6

Attending TI6 from outside Key Arena: Al Fresco Style

After two years of waiting, I finally had a shot at attending TI6 in person. It's definitely a perk of taking a job in the state of Washington. Unfortunately, the day tickets were released I was boating around the...

Wings Gaming Soar through The Summit 5

Who Are Wings? Current Roster: Shadow BLink (跳刀跳刀) Faith_Bian Innocence (also displayed as y innocence) Iceice All of these players have been around the pro scene for a bit, mostly playing on Tier 3 teams. It's been a while since five players came out of the...