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Epic Plays in Dota

The Top 5 Greatest Plays in Dota – Pro Edition

OK, we had some MDL action to tide us over between Majors, but it's still not enough. Feeling depressed over no tournament to watch? Relive some of these epic moments and the greatest plays in Dota. Also if you've just...

Top 5 Reasons Why You Suck at Video Games

Regardless of which esport you love, there's some common traits in all the non-elite players. If you're content being the feeder that you are, that's totally fine; without people like you, I would have actually needed to grind to...

5 Champions I May Never Play Again

There are over a hundred champions in League of Legends, and I love 4-5 of them. Nidalee, Thresh, Bard, and Vayne are all personal favorites. After the favorites there are a larger group of 10-20 champions I enjoy playing...

Top 5 Worst Legendaries from the Old Gods

As a follow up to the Top Five Legendaries of Old Gods, let’s take a look at some of the worst legendaries. Many of these were expected, but a few are surprising. Many of these are ones that simply...

Top 5 Best Legendaries from Old Gods

The Old Gods expansion has been out for a week now, and certain legendaries have proven to be exactly as strong as we thought, while others have been surprisingly good – or bad. Here’s a list of my top...

Five Mistakes New Hearthstone Players Make

One: Coining Out Wrong This is the biggest mistake that most new players make, even ones coming from other games. A lot of them think that the best way to play is to put down the biggest thing you can...

Top 5 Most Common Hearthstone Tournament Decks

Every Hearthstone player has their own favourite decks, but there are certainly some decks that stand out as more common within the tournament scene. So which are the most common Hearthstone tournament decks? This post will look at the...

5 Biggest Nerfs Ever in Hearthstone

Hearthstone doesn't get nerfs very often, but when it does, the changes can be quite drastic. Here are arguably the 5 biggest nerfs in the history of the game: 5) Undertaker Undertaker used to be part of a deathrattle-focused build that...

The 5 Worst Hearthstone Legendary Cards

Legendary cards in Hearthstone are generally pretty powerful. However, some of them just don't live up to the expectations. 5. Hemet Nesingwary Weighing in at 5 mana, Hemet Nesingwary has a pretty horrible stat distribution. 6/3 leads him to be killed...