Team Secret Drama

What We Can Learn from the Team Secret Drama

It's no secret that esports in general could use some image coaching. There have also been many instances of players not signing contracts/not reading contracts/not having the resources they need to make career decisions and getting screwed over.
Dota 2 Roster Changes

Deconstructing New Dota 2 Rosters – September Edition

So, TI has come and gone and the great shuffle has begun. Several teams have announced their new rosters already and a handful of free agents are on the loose. Let's take a look at a few new Dota 2...
Post - TI Roster Shuffles

Post TI Roster Shuffle – Wilder than Your Wildest Dreams

Literally speechless, at first. Last year's post TI roster shuffle left many of us feeling somewhat stunned. My Cloud9 shirt (and mug, wristband, sticker...) lost much of its relevance. But we adapted. I thought the pinnacle of roster shuffle drama arrived...

Merchandise and eSports: You’re Doing It Wrong.

I recently moved from the East Coast to Western Washington. Everywhere I go, I'm bombarded by neon green and navy blue Seahawks products. They're sold at the supermarket, they're sold at the hardware store, and I can buy thousands...

Evil Geniuses’ and Team Secret’s Roster Tango Continues

I had originally planned to put together a spotlight on EG for you all. "EG is stable, EG is the foundation of NA Dota, I'll do a piece on EG while I get set up in my new job...

The Winter Major Concludes

Team Secret are your Shanghai Champions! After a crazy event filled with upsets (and upsetting production problems), Team Secret have come out on top, winning 3-1 against Liquid. Interestingly enough, Frankfurt (Fall) Major winners OG and WCA/Starladder 13 winners...

Players and Representation – Teams and Financial Managers

There's been a lot of talk over the last few years about the formation of a players' union. Pros who were frustrated by tournaments not paying out in a timely fashion have discussed the idea on social media. A...

Top 5 Best Dota 2 Teams – 2014/2015 (Pre TI5)

5. LGD Gaming LGD Gaming was created back in 2009. They began as "The Dream Team" but later switched to their current name, and are one of the older teams to still have a high overall ranking. LGD lost four...