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Season 10 Preseason is Here!

League of Legends Preseason has always been one of the wildest periods in the game every year. With so many changes, people are taking the initiative to try to see which combinations of champions, items, and runes...

League of Legends: OP Rune Pages

The new rune system has been out for a few months now, and some solid pages have been made. But to newcomers, or returning veterans, the new system can be very overwhelming. I dealt with this recently, so I...
Runes Reforged combines the old rune and mastery systems from League of Legends into one streamlined tool.

Runes Reforged: A Brave New Frontier

The League of Legends offseason is always a time of uncertainty. The old guard North American teams are shaking up their rosters: TSM dropped Doublelift and Biofrost, CLG parted ways with Aphromoo, and C9 are saying goodbye to Impact...