Operation Hydra

de_lite is far from delightful, and de_thrill is anything but exciting.

The Best (and Worst) Operation Hydra Maps

Operation Hydra added a handful of community-made new maps to both competitive and casual play. With Valve announcing that they plan on permanently adding the two most popular maps to CS:GO's map pool, let's take a look at the...
Operation Hydra is the latest CS:GO Operation, courtesy of Valve, but it leaves folks asking whether it was worth the wait.

Operation Hydra: Was It Worth the Wait?

The first CS:GO operation, dubbedĀ Operation Payback, launched in 2013, and since then, ValveĀ have mostly stuck to a predictable formula for these optional pieces of paid DLC. We've got community-made weapon skins, and, in Operation Vanguard, Valve introduced campaigns --...