Dota 2 Season Reset

Ranked Match Making Dota 2 will be resetting the ranked system in January, according to their official Dota 2 Twitter post. Valve has unfortunately been anything but Johnny on the spot for, well… anything. Their last reset was about 6...
Dota 2 MMR: Miracle- at AMD SAPPHIRE Dota PIT League Minor.

You Are Not Your MMR: The Dangers of Obsession

When Seasonal Ranked Matchmaking hit Dota 2 last week, there was some initial confusion about how the game's new MMR system worked. Evil Geniuses superstar SumaiL was previously mid-8k MMR, and somehow fell to 6.7k in the new system....
Valve's Dota 2 leaderboards are a nice way of tracking the MMR race between players to reach the top.

Dota 2 Leaderboards: Race to the Top

Everybody wants to see their name on a list of notable people, and Dota 2's playerbase is no exception. Valve provides Dota 2 leaderboards for each region, and updates the lists daily. The top 200 players are displayed along with their...
MMR peddlers wait in the forest to prey on unsuspecting 1k scrubs.

Too Many Boosted Animals Paying for MMR

I’ll be the first to admit I whine about my MMR sometimes. I lose my cool when I’m grinding and a ranked game doesn’t go my way. I moan that it’s not my fault that I didn’t know that...