Mission Rewards: Gating Content since Forever

This subject is something I feel strongly about, and have for a long time. Mission reward systems in games as the sole way to reward players is a terrible system. I’m talking about Hearthstone’s system, about League of Legends’...
Want to spend your hard-earned money on the ugliest Dota 2 cosmetics money can buy? We're here to help.

The Ugliest Dota 2 Cosmetics Ever Made

Since Valve relies on Dota 2's microtransactions to make money off of the free-to-play game, you'd think the cosmetics would all be beautifully rendered, lore-enhancing masterpieces. This isn't always the case. Someone pointed out that Morphling wearing any sets breaks the...
Dota 2 Microtransactions

Dota 2 and Microtransaction Madness

Many games use some form of microtransactions, and Dota is no exception. Dota 2 microtransactions are what help keep Valve's free-to-play game afloat, but there are plenty of reasons to criticize the current monetization model. Detractors of League of Legends...
Are League of Legends microtransactions worthy of the internet's collective rage?

League of Legends and Microtransaction Madness

EA disappointed and amused countless gamers this season with its tumultuous release of Star Wars: Battlefront II, a game packed with content ready for players to enjoy - that is, only if you were ready to spend literal days...
Why does Valve keep shipping useless cosmetics like StatTrak Music Kits?

Why Is the StatTrak Music Kit Even a Thing?

It's the common knowledge of any CS:GO fan by now that Valve has made some less-than-sensible updates to the game. Two good examples of this would be the update that introduced the broken R8 revolver and messed with the recovery time...