ROCCAT vs. GIANTS! – the Bottom of the Barrel Match-Up

Welcome to the recap of ROCCAT vs. GIANTS!. It's unfortunate that these teams' names need to be capitalized for correctness, because it probably makes readers think this match was a big deal when it wasn't. These two teams have...

Too Long, Didn’t Watch: What Happened on EU LCS W4D1

We had almost a full slate of David versus Goliath style matches today on the 2016 EU LCS spring split week 4, day 1. The freshly reworked Shen was open to be picked, Kindred was re-enabled after sitting out...

NA and EU LCS Week 3: Stats, Analysis, and Predictions

Rather than conducting weekly Power Rankings, I will be doing a statistical analysis of the LCS teams. This week's article will take a look at the stats from Week 3 and will be used to forecast the following week's...