AnyKey is leading the charge in the fight for making the world of gaming a more inclusive and welcoming for everyone.

AnyKey’s Unique Approach To Tackling Gaming Toxicity

Foul language. Targeted harassment. Throwing games to piss off your teammates. Raiding a stream with inappropriate spam. Threats to leak personal information. There's a lot of behavior that fits under the umbrella of "toxicity" in gaming. While report and...
The ratio of men to women in broadcasting esports is a serious divide.

Diversity in Dota 2: Why Aren’t There More Female Casters?

The people responsible for running Dota 2 tournaments don't ever really get a day off. When they're done putting out fires, dealing with techincal delays, wrangling unruly casting talent, and herding flocks of pro gamers from green rooms to sound-proof booths,...