Dota2Lounge, and item betting in general, has swiftly fallen out of favor as the gaming industry continues to develop regulations and expectations about esports gambling.

The Great Decline of Dota2Lounge and Item Betting

Item betting is a murky legal gray area that provides a portion of Dota 2's viewership. The ability to bet on the outcome of matches of many levels--including the semi-professional scene--has, historically at least, helped drive viewer numbers up on smaller...

Opinion: ESL’s Inconsistent Match-Fixing Punishments

Any player who has been a part of the CS:GO community for a good amount of time will tell you that Valve does not take kindly to players accused of match-fixing. One of the most prevalent cases of this...
RumbleMonkey is only one of countless new esports betting sites. Is it legal?

RumbleMonkey and Legal Grey Areas in Esports Betting

As Esports Edition's resident betting and and gambling expert--on paper, not in practice--I'm always fascinated by the way that new companies try to monetize the esports industry. RumbleMonkey is the latest player to throw their hat into the ring, and the...