Epic Plays in Dota

The Top 5 Greatest Plays in Dota – Pro Edition

OK, we had some MDL action to tide us over between Majors, but it's still not enough. Feeling depressed over no tournament to watch? Relive some of these epic moments and the greatest plays in Dota. Also if you've just...
Post - TI Roster Shuffles

Post TI Roster Shuffle – Wilder than Your Wildest Dreams

Literally speechless, at first. Last year's post TI roster shuffle left many of us feeling somewhat stunned. My Cloud9 shirt (and mug, wristband, sticker...) lost much of its relevance. But we adapted. I thought the pinnacle of roster shuffle drama arrived...

Team Spotlight: Alliance

One of the oldest and most well-known Dota franchises, lliance seems to be on the path back to glory as of late. They're a huge part of Dota2's history - here's their background. Quick Stats: Founded in 2013 after Alex...

An Introduction to Dota 2 Esports – Tournaments and Teams

So let's say hypothetically that you've gotten the lane thing down, you understand the basic map objectives and gold/item mechanics, and you have a few heroes that you spam in pubs. Now you want to see gameplay on a...

Starladder 13: Learning to Love Rat Dota

When the Shanghai Major invites were announced, many felt that Team Liquid had been snubbed by the decision to award Alliance a direct invite. "Alliance only won at WCA because it was a new patch," the fans cried. "Liquid...

World Cyber Arena – Alliance Wins 3-2 over LGD

World Cyber Arena, a LAN held in Yinchuan, China was plagued by a myriad of issues. The LAN featured a number of different games, with a greater focus on League of Legends and Crossfire, a game popular in China...