Why Do We Need to Regulate Hearthstone Tournaments?

Oct 6, 2015

During the Hearthstone World Cup Asia finals, several games were arbitrarily restarted by management due to players being able to see each other’s hands, despite the players stating that they would rather continue the game despite the disadvantage the mistake caused.

In Tesang vs Neilyo, Tesang’s Warlock Demonlock deck was revealed, which caused Neilyo to mulligan differently in the restart, which lead to Tesang’s eventual loss.

In a second instance during Chilly vs Kno, Kno did not play and the match was restarted without explanation. Due to information being revealed about his deck, Chilly eventually lost.

Obviously, these instances and many others like them should not have happened. If the tournament was run by a management team that knew what it was doing, this kind of issue could have been avoided. When the best Hearthstone pros come together for a tournament, it’s important for both viewers and competitors that the experience is free of hiccups like this.

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So what can we do about the problems caused by poor management? First off, Blizzard needs to step up and take a hand in its tournament structure. Currently, Blizzard allows organizations to run important tournaments without any oversight whatsoever. Without a system of oversight or a set of standards for tournaments coming from Blizzard, there can be no guarantee of a tournament’s quality or fairness. Besides random restarts, there have also been issues with the way certain organizations seed their tournaments, making it so that all the famous pros do not have to go through the same qualifying rounds as all the other players, giving them an unfair advantage. With the help of a system that prevented unfair organization, tournaments could become a lot more fair and enjoyable for both players and viewers. However, the community must also step up. We can’t allow tournaments that are not organized to prosper. We can always vote with our views. If these tournaments don’t receive recognition from the community, especially large community members, they will have to either fix themselves up or shrivel and die.

Ultimately, if the tournament organizers cannot take responsibility for their tournament, we must show them that that behavior is unacceptable. Only then can we truly grow beyond the problem of poor management as a community.

Oct 6, 2015
Oct 6, 2015
Sep 29, 2015
Sep 29, 2015
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