Brewing with Dragons

Oct 6, 2015

This week, I’ve been putting a bunch of time into playing around with dragons in all classes in the post-TGT format.

TGT added a few new dragons to the mix: Twilight Dragon, a 3/6 Taunt for 4 Mana with a dragon in hand, Chillmaw, who has a Hellfire-like effect when he dies if you have a dragon in hand, Coldarra Drake, who lets Mage use their Hero Power several times in a turn, and Alexstraza’s Champion, who while not a dragon himself, becomes a 3/3 with charge if you have a dragon in hand.

I started out running with the basics: Dragon Priest, a tried and true but overall boring deck. The deck ran too slowly for my tastes and I found that to keep up with the likes of Patron Warrior, Zoolock, and Paladin I needed to have a better early game.

I played about 5 games of Rouge and 5 of Hunter using Dragons before moving on to other Decks, as Rouge and Hunter are the worst classes to run Dragons in.

The next deck I tried was Dragon Warrior. Unfortunately, it felt like a worse version of Control Warrior that was forced into using Dragons. With those 4 Decks tested and discarded for being ineffective or boring, I moved on to the other 5 classes.

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Shaman wasn’t anything spectacular. I had good early game, but the class just didn’t have enough cards that had synergies with dragons. Warlock, on the other hand played similarly to Handlock, allowing me to play my dragons before losing, but still felt not that fun and powerful for me. When I played Mage, I ended up focusing more on using Inspire synergies with Coldarra Drake and throwing in a few other Dragon cards in the mix.

Thus I was left with Druid and Paladin Dragon decks to play.

With Dragon Paladin, I went the standard route, making it mostly not gimmicky enough for my tastes. Since I prefer having gimmicky decks from my time playing Magic: the Gathering, I abandoned Dragon Paladin in favor of my favorite deck of the week, Dragon Druid:

Dragon Druid went the route of Ramp Druid, with MVPs in my deck being Ysera for Card Advantage, Chillmaw for Board Control, Emperor Thaurissan for allowing High-Cost Dragons to be played early, especially with the aid of Innervate, and Starfire for Clearing Problematic Minions. It’s a fun deck to experiment with and I recommend trying to build and tweak one of your own!

Oct 6, 2015
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