Hearthstone – J4CKIECHAN Makes His Debut

Jul 26, 2016

A Challenger Approaches!

J4CKIECHAN has finally made it to the tournament scene! Over the last six months, J4CKIECHAN has been rising in popularity. He has always been at the top of the ladder, but he was fairly unknown until around six months back. That’s when he made a public splash by getting to rank one legend the day the ladder reset. Not only that, he did it using an entirely unconventional deck – Egg Druid. Since then he has kept public attention by repeatedly hitting rank one legend.

J4CKIECHANSoon after his popularity boomed, he hit rank one again with Camel Hunter. This is another extremely unconventional deck, using none of the typical Hunter staples. This deck didn’t receive the same popularity as his Egg Druid, but still increased his fame. He followed it recently with Yogg Druid. Unlike the others, this deck was not his own design, but he did perfect it. He once again hit rank one legend with it, and wrote up guides for others to understand it.

The Tournament

J4CKIECHAN made his first tournament debut at Seat Story V this past weekend. It was an invitation tournament, showing his fame had final given him some recognition. In the bracket stage he managed to beat a host of professional players. They included Gaara, Chakki, Hotform, and JustSaiyan in the group brackets. He managed to advance to the playoffs, where he defeated Ostkaka and Naiman.

This streak of victories advanced J4CKIECHAN to the finals, where he faced off against LifeCoach. Their match was very well fought on both sides, but in the end LifeCoach came out ahead. J4CKIECHAN certainly didn’t go down without a fight, however, pulling the series out to the full seven games.

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The Personality

J4CKIECHAN isn’t just known for his deckbuilding talent. He is also a Twitch streamer, and is universally known for his great sense of humour and fun-loving nature.

J4CKIECHAN stuck to his personality throughout the tournament. He brought four decks that he believed in, with his own twists. No cut and paste Shaman for J4CKIECHAN, he brought his Yogg Druid, N’Zoth Paladin, Tempo Mage, and Dragon Renolock. Even the typical decks he improved with his own additions such as Enter the Coliseum in Paladin.

Most importantly, however, was the fun that he emanated. During his interviews he talked about having a blast playing, especially in the interesting games he lost. He smiled throughout the entire tournament, even during difficult plays and defeats. And he did the play that Twitch chat will love him for forever.

Rather than doing a fairly safe removal play, J4CKIECHAN decided to pit god against god. When LifeCoach played his C’Thun, J4CKIECHAN answered the most fun way he could – with Yogg-Saron. He hovered over the safe play to show he saw it, then slammed Yogg down with a massive smile. It didn’t turn out incredibly well for him, and he answered this by laughing!

J4CKIECHAN playing Yogg
J4CKIECHAN making the fun play while laughing

J4CKIECHAN has finally gotten to the tournament scene, and Hearthstone is better for it. The man has no lack of smiles, and his unique personality and deck building are a boon to the entire game.

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