Should Valve add a ringer system to CS:GO's official matchmaking?

Does Valve Matchmaking Need Ringers?

CS:GO will forever hold a special place in my heart. Now don't get me wrong, it is by no means a perfect game. I believe Valve needs to be more in touch with the community and focus more on...
How does FACEIT's matchmaking service compare to the competition?

FACEIT: The Ugly Duckling of Matchmaking Services

Out of all the third party matchmaking services for CS:GO, few seem to be as universally disliked as FACEIT. From laggy servers to the lackluster anti-cheat, it's a wonder that FACEIT is still being used. With that in mind, what is the...

Opinion: Don’t Take Player Conduct in Rank S Too Seriously

It shouldn't be news to anyone who follows the Counter-Strike scene that NA CS is often ridiculed for being home to some of the worst players in the world. Recently, the same type of ridicule has fallen upon ESEA's Rank S league. The...