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Top 10 Top Laners in League of Legends – Patch 5.11


10. Gnar

Gnar is a great late game carry that can help turn a bad game into a good one. Gnar’s early game consists of farming and snowballing off his lane. Gnar is good because in his normal form he can poke the enemy while farming, and then once he turns into mega Gnar he is able to burst down his lane very quickly. Gnar is filled with stuns and slows that help to dominate in team fights. Gnar is becoming more and more popular in the LCS because of his ability to turn a team fight around when it’s needed most.

9. Darius

Darius is a very easy to play top laner that can dominate all through the game. Darius puts out a lot of damage at a low level, which allows him to snowball very quickly. If you build Darius tanky enough you will be able to turn any game around!

8. Kassadin

Kassadin is one of the best top lane roamers in the game. He is a very strong pick and his combo can blast down anyone. Kassadin is great for countering ability power laners and performs great against mages. Kassadin has an easy laning phase and is a good champion to learn when starting out.

7. Fizz

Fizz is great for all-inning someone and is very capable of dodging enemy abilities and getting out of fights. Due to his trickster play-style, Fizz is very hard to gank. He is very good at split pushing and great at roaming when the later game roles in.

6. Hecarim

Hecarim is a tanky top laner that is very, very, very mobile. Hecarim is particularly strong in the mid game when he has close to full build and enemies haven’t started building against him yet. Hecarim is hard to gank making him a very safe pick since he has the ability to snowball himself very quick. Roaming for Hecarim is very easy with his movement speed build and if you run teleport with him, you can pretty much get anywhere on the map within ten seconds.

5. Irelia

Irelia is a great mid game bruiser that has the ability to split push very well in the late game. Irelia can snowball very well and is extremely good at farming. Her Q allows her to never miss a minion and she puts out a lot of true damage. Irelia is more common in higher leveled matches but can easily carry low leveled games.

4. Morgana

Morgana is not very common in lower-leveled games because most people see her as a support. Morgana is actually a very strong top laner that has very good farming abilities and is easy to play. She can protect the carry in fights and has her black shield for engaging in team fights where the carry has to be at the front.

3. Lissandra

Lissandra is a very strong top laner. She isn’t necessarily very tanky but she is able to dominate in the early and late game. Lissandra is able to control farm easily and she has relatively quick wave clear. She puts out a lot of AOE damage and has low cooldowns on most of her high damage moves. Lissandra’s ultimate is great for diving into fights and stunning someone. If you are looking to play a fun top laner, Lissandra is a great choice!

2. Sion

Sion is currently one of the strongest top laners. He is very tanky and can dominate the laning phase with his strong ability to farm. Sion is able to get level two before he gets to lane because of his passive which lets him solo wolves camp and gain extra experience while going into a sort of afterlife to gain the extra level. His ultimate is very good for initiating team fights. Sion is easy to play and if you want to get into playing strong, tanky champs, you can’t go wrong with him.

1. Riven

Riven is a hard champion when you are first playing her, but once you get used to her odd mechanics she is a very fun champion to play. Riven is a very mobile champion and can pick out any enemy in a team fight if she flashes in and uses her combo. She has low cooldowns and once you start to get kills, you won’t be able to stop.

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