This Week in Hearthstone – The Gods are Dead

Apr 15, 2016

All the Old Gods have been revealed, but there are still many cards to be revealed. The reveals continue this week, and for the most part the quality continues to be impressive!

Whisps of the Old Gods

I shouldn’t have made this the first card after saying the quality was impressive. Other than the amusing pun in the name, this card is incredibly bad. Seven mana for two Power of the Wilds, or a bigger version of Dark Whispers, a card no one ever played. It is also almost strictly worse than Cenarius, who has abilities that are just as strong and a 5/8 body attached for two mana more. Just no reason to play this.

Forlorn Stalker

Forlorn Stalker is really interesting. Its stats are decent, and quite good for a Hunter deck that wants to pump out damage. Its ability is very strong if it hits one minion, and borderline broken if it hits two or more. Since this will be played alongside Savanah Highmane, perhaps it will find its place in Midrange Hunter. Or maybe a deck will be built around Deathrattle, including the Old God N’Zoth! Unfortunately I don’t see this finding an incredible strong niche in the average hunter deck, however, simply due to the lack of strong Deathrattle minions post-Standard launch.

Embrace the Shadow

Embrace the Shadow is an interesting card, because it essentially has Auchnai Soulpriest’s ability, but with no body attached. It does allow for some neat combos with the extra mana, but other than that I can’t figure out a reason to play this over the Soulpriest. I have to wonder if this heralds a change for our Soulpriest buddy, because otherwise I don’t see much reason for Embrace to exist. Although, if Soulpriest is changed, Embrace will find a niche spot in a few Priest decks I’m sure.

Thistle Tea

I really like Thistle Tea! It doesn’t find itself placed within any of the currently strong Rogue decks, but it is a cool card with a very powerful ability. Also, Rogues have a lot of cards that synergize really well with each other, so creating three of almost any of them will be extremely useful. The mana cost is really high, so it remains to be seen if this card will be able to be played, with such high tempo loss, but since Sprint has found itself in many competitive decks, perhaps this will as well!


Shadowcaster is very similar to Herald Volazj from a few weeks back, but it has a lower mana cost and puts the copy into your hand. I’m inclined to say that in most scenarios, having that extra card in your hand is going to be more beneficial than in play, as it lets you use the entire next turn to deal with the miniature minion’s ability, rather than attempting it with your few remaining mana. Obviously this will be insane if you can get it off on Thaurisan, Malygos, or something odd like Ragnaros. General Deathrattle effects like Tomb Pillager are quite strong as well. I think this will see quite a bit of play, especially synergizing with Xaril, Poisoned Mind.

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Possessed Villager

Possessed Villager seems like it will be a nice little card to round out a Zoolock deck. It’s been compared to Argent Squire, and I feel that is quite fitting. Better against removal, better with Power Overwhelming. However, I can’t see too many reasons to play this over Voidwalker. Time will tell!


Soggoth the Slitherer. There’s a name. This is an interesting card, because it’s very weak for its stat-line, but attempts to make up for it in its incredible sustainability and resistance to removal. Short of an Icehowl, not much is getting through this bad boy. The stats are incredible weak, however. If it were one less mana I could see it being played in Control Warrior, but since it stops a hero power it’s difficult to fit it in. Perhaps it will end up being incredibly strong, but the statline is just so weak that I have difficulties seeing that become a reality.

Deathwing Dragonlord

Deathwing 2.0! This is a really cool card, and I look forward to playing around with it, and having it played against me. It certainly has a lot of potential, playing a Deathwing, having it killed, and popping out a Ysera afterwards. However, a ten mana card that doesn’t impact the field is always something that has difficulty making it into the meta. If we have a much slower meta, as everyone has been forecasting with Whispers of the Old Gods release, then I could certainly see this making its way into a few decks. I really hope so, it looks amazing!

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