Building Whispers, Part 2: Yogg-Saron Rogue

Apr 28, 2016

Whispers of the Old Gods has arrived, and with it comes our next deck guide! This time around, we have Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End, and he’s taken a particular liking to our Roguish antics.

Standard format means the game loses some of its best defensive options in Sludge Belcher and Antique Healbot. However, due to the removal of most efficient Deathrattles and Loatheb from the game, many of Rogue’s biggest obstacles are no longer in the format. Malygos Rogue already saw tournament play before the format rotation, and now with Yogg-Saron, we are able to field a strong deck that has a little fun mixed in.

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yogg_saron_deck This deck is a variation on the current Malygos Rogue decktype. Originally Miracle Rogue, this deck resurfaced when the Dragon Malygos became popular due to Twitch streams and highlights.

This deck has two main strategies, and both revolve around playing big minions. Either you play Malygos or you play Yogg-Saron.

To tide you over until the turn you can make your big plays, the deck runs a large amount of removal. Backstab, Deadly Poison, Eviscerate, Sap, Shiv, Fan of Knives, SI:7 Agent, and Blade Flurry all allow you to keep control of the board state, and many of the spells also draw a card in addition to their other effects, allowing your hand to stay full. Thaurissan can smack down once your hand is fairly full and reduce the costs of your spells to allow for crazy combo plays.

Xaril, Thalnos, and Azure Drake also draw you cards or provide card advantage. Journey Below allows you to Discover a Deathrattle minion, allowing you to find some of the most powerful “pull” cards in the format, such as Sylvanas, a Second Xaril, Anub’arak, and Cairne Bloodhoof.

With 17 Spells, this deck can pull off some crazy combos with either Yogg-Saron or Malygos. Either way, you can play with one of Whispers‘ coolest and “Wild”-est cards. Check back soon for our next guide, on Y’Shaarj, Rage Unbound.

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