We're starting to see the new Hearthstone meta take shape after the release of Journey to Un'Goro.

Journey to Un’Goro Meta Report #1: Early Standout Decks

  Journey to Un’Goro has been out almost a week now, and while it's clear that there's no shortage of viable decks, we're starting to see Hearthstone's new meta take shape. The Standard rotation has killed quite a few decks,...
The Quests for Warrior, Druid, and Mage have been revealed, along with the full list of cards to be included in Hearthstone's Journey to Un'Goro expansion.

Final Journey to Un’Goro Quests: Druid, Mage, and Warrior

The cat is finally out of the bag, friends--the entire Journey to Un’Goro set has been revealed. This, of course, includes the legendary Quests for each class. For those who don’t know, Quests are one mana cards that start in...
The new legendary minions for Warrior and Druid have been revealed.

Hearthstone: New Legendaries for Warrior and Druid

Blizzard continues to tease out information about the upcoming Journey to Un'Goro expansion, and we've finally seen the new legendaries for Warrior and Druid. Both of them are massive freaking dinosaurs, which is good, because dinosaurs are pretty cool. Warrior's new...
Hearthstone Class Balance Rogue Paladin

Hearthstone’s Class Balance Is Awful

Last week, Ben Brode had an interview with PC Gamer, which can be read in its entirety here. Understandably, one of the biggest questions for Mr. Brode were in regards to potential Pirate nerfs--many community members have made it clear...
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The Post-Gadgetzan Meta: Back to Normal?

Introduction With the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion, a new meta appeared, dominated by Jade Golems, Pirates, and Reno decks. The ones that really stood out were Pirate Warrior, Jade Druid, and Renolock. Those three decks made up a massive percentage...
Patches the Pirate rears his swashbuckling head.

Patches the Pirate Is Overpowered

  If you’ve been playing ladder since the release of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, then you already know about Patches the Pirate. For the uninformed, Patches is a one mana 1/1 Pirate with charge. Oh, and if you play a Pirate,...
Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Jade Faction

Standout Decks from Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion has been out for two days now, and I’ve been playing nothing but Hearthstone. Over such a short period, it’s impossible to see all the new strong decks. However, there are some new...
Garrosh Hellscrean Art by http://mertonses.deviantart.com/

Pirate Warrior Guide: Four Minute Wins

Featured image by mertonses via DeviantArt. Introduction Personally, I’ve been finding the meta stale recently. Midrange Shaman is everywhere. And the only thing worse than losing to Midrange Shaman is losing to Midrange Shaman after 20 minutes. I’ve broken from my traditional...

Deathrattle Warrior Guide

Introduction Back when Whispers of the Old Gods was released, a big deal was made about Deathrattle Paladin. Everyone, their mother, and I were playing it. As it turns out, it’s just not that good against many of the meta...

Pirate Warrior Guide

Introduction This deck is commonly referred to as Pirate Warrior, but it could just as easily be called ‘Face Warrior’. With every card in the deck contributing to directly killing your opponent, this deck doesn’t stall at all. In fact,...

Control Decks in Hearthstone: The 30 Minute Game

Anyone who's played Hearthstone can tell you about THAT game. The game in which they faced the against the Fatigue Warrior deck that ended up winning a 30 minute long game of Hearthstone. Although it seems annoying to play a...

Playing the Waiting Game: Fatigue Warrior

With the recent fall of Patron Warrior, there is a gap in the Hearthstone meta that's quickly being worked out. Decks such as Aggro Druid and Secret Paladin are considered top tier just because there is very little that...