Splyce on stage via Riot Games Flickr

Bot Lane Duo Kobbe and Mikyx Return to Splyce

After spending a few days fielding offers, Splyce’s bottom lane, AD carry Kasper “Kobbe” Kobberup and support Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle, have re-enlisted with Splyce for the 2017 season, the players announced on Friday and Saturday. Both members were important pieces...
Dota2 Visa Issues

Player Visa Denials Are Screwing Over Dota Teams

Opening Thoughts: I've been pondering this topic for a while, as it seems to be the same old story each time: teams lose a player or two due to visa denials, and it gives them an unfair handicap in tournaments. I...
Trick2g Teamgates

Trick2g Forms Team Gates, Aims for NACS

Popular Twitch streamer Tim “Trick2g” Foley has never been short of crowd-drawing endeavors, adding yet another late Wednesday evening. Team Gates — fittingly named by his popular strategy to aggressively split push in-game and open “the gates” — will be...

FORG1VEN Announces Free Agency

Recent news of Doublelift deciding to temporarily step down from his role as AD carry for TSM has led to mountains of speculation as to who will take his place. Shortly after Doublelift's hiatus was made public, it was...

“Breaking Point” Documentary Reveals Team Liquid’s Toxicity

Dardoch was the problem. Piglet was the problem. Locodoco can't control his players. These were all points of discussion across social media whenever the topic of Team Liquid's terrible team environment surfaced. As with any topic on the internet,...

Deft and Pawn Leave EDG, LCK Bound?

EDG mid laner Pawn took to Facebook today to announce he would be leaving his team of two years. Pawn made a name for himself playing for Samsung Blue and Samsung White, who he won the Summoner's Cup with...

Unbeatable SKT: SKT Defeat SSG 3-2, Win Third Summoner’s Cup

Powerhouse Korean team SK Telecom has just earned their third Summoner's Cup, defeating Samsung Galaxy in the grand finals of Worlds 2016 by a score of 3-2. This is nothing new for the dynasty that is SKT. No other League...
Hauntzer Marry Me Success

How Do We Measure Success in Esports?

It's a big question, and there's four (and more) lenses by which we can evaluate the success of an esports team: Results, Marketability, Consistency, and Potential.

The Elimination of Albus NoX Luna

The feel-good story of Worlds 2016 has officially come to an end with the elimination of Wildcard/CIS team Albus NoX Luna. ANX were eliminated in the knockout stage where H2K swept them 3-0. Albus NoX came to Worlds with the...

Crowd at Worlds 2016 under Criticism for Booing Opposition

Samsung Galaxy took on Cloud9 for the opening match of Worlds 2016 knockout stage, and it wasn't pretty. Cloud9 entered the matchup a heavy underdog, but some analysts believed perhaps they could steal a game off of SSG by...

Schalke 04 to Host Training Camp to Scout Talent

European LCS team Schalke 04 recently announced the start of their League of Legends Scouting Days 2016 program. Scouting Days will serve as a tryout/training camp situation where Schalke will host local League of Legends talent who have not...

Cinderella Story: North America’s Hope Alive

The season-ending Worlds tournament taking place in North America during a time in which multiple analysts have North American teams ranked above many of their international counterparts seemed almost too good to be true. The potential for not just powerhouse...