Valve's Dota 2 Majors are some of the most highly anticipated LAN events of the year, but these tournaments are making life--and business--increasingly difficult for third-party tournament organizers.

Valve Majors Are Killing Third Party Dota Tournaments

The unfortunate repercussions of Valve's Dota 2 Major system on the livelihood of third-party tournaments isn't a new topic. In fact, we wrote an article about it last year. But lots of things have changed since we commented on it in...

Ranking the CS:GO Majors: Part Two

Every CS:GO Major is major, but some of them have been more...major than others. If you missed the first installment of our look back at the CS:GO Majors, check it out here. 5. ESL One: Cologne 2014 - The Original Kings Get...
Kiev Major 2017: Ticket Prices, Scalpers, and Karabas

Kiev Major 2017: Ticket Prices, Scalpers, and Karabas

Tickets went on sale for Dota 2's Kiev Major this week, and sold out within just a few hours. Many people reported waiting for hours in digital queues or not being able to get a transaction through on Karabas, the...
Boston Major Open Qualifiers

Boston Major Invites: Who Deserves a Direct Ticket?

The Boston Major qualifiers were recently announced, and it's time to start speculating on invites. The post-TI6 roster shuffle was pretty bloody, and team compositions have changed a lot among likely invite candidates. From Valve's blog post on the Manila invites: "...We...