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League and Voice Chat – Why Aren’t People Angry?

With Riot's uncertain history concerning League of Legends voice chat, how is the current setup faring among players? Through forums and in game discussion, there has been an odd lack of what many expected to be a contentious issue. People...
Team Liquid are the EU LCS Spring Split Champions

Team Liquid Topple 100 Thieves in NA LCS Spring Split Finals

Path to the Finals This past weekend saw the culmination of the NA LCS Spring Split, featuring Team Liquid and 100 Thieves. Team Liquid found their way into the NA LCS Finals by sweeping Cloud9 in the best-of-five Quarterfinals, and beating...
100 Thieves Celebrate Semi-finals

What You Need to Know about the NA LCS Spring Split Playoffs

The NA LCS Spring Split playoffs are well underway, and the results so far have been incredible. The final week is almost here, with 100 Thieves set to face off against Team Liquid to decide on which team will...

Mission Rewards: Gating Content since Forever

This subject is something I feel strongly about, and have for a long time. Mission reward systems in games as the sole way to reward players is a terrible system. I’m talking about Hearthstone’s system, about League of Legends’...

Top Mid Laners in Patch 8.6

Tired of playing Twisted Fate? Worn yourself out on game after game with Zoe? Trying to change up your mid lane strategy but feeling overwhelmed by the huge variety of mid lane champions on the market? Whether you're new...
Aphromoo greeting fans

NA LCS Week 9 Recap

After Week 8 of the Spring Split, some playoffs hopes had already been crushed; however, the top half of the standings were still very much to-be-determined. FlyQuest, OpTic Gaming, and Golden Guardians all had a shaky few weeks and...
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Top Five Champions for Climbing

Climbing the ranks in League of Legends can be difficult. It’s a lot harder when you can’t play your role of choice. In case you fall victim to the queue curse, here are a list of go-to champions that...
C9 Licorice greeting fans

NA LCS Week 8 Recap

Saturday, March 10 Clutch Gaming kicked off Week 8 of the North American League of Legends Championship Series with a serious win over Echo Fox, the front-runners in the standings. Clutch's win cemented them as a playoff contender and they...
League of Legends Kai'Sa

League of Legends Champion Reveal: Kai’Sa

The newest League of Legends champion has finally been revealed! Riot Games has introduced us to Kai’Sa, Daughter of the Void. And by daughter of the void, we really mean daughter of Kassadin. She is a new ADC who comes from...
Team Liquid

A Brief History of Team Liquid’s League of Legends Team

Team Liquid is one of the oldest team names in esports. They date back to 2000, long before they, or anyone else, had professional members on their team. They were originally a StarCraft clan, and in 2010, with the release...
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League of Legends Patch Update: 8.2 and 8.3

League of Legends had two recent patch updates. While the 8.2 patch has been out for a few weeks, 8.3 just went live a few days ago. Both patches saw new balance changes and some item reworks, as well...
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A Brief History of TSM’s League of Legends Team

Team SoloMid (TSM)’s League of Legends team has been around since the beginning of the competitive LoL scene. The team has become a staple in North American esports over their six years of activity. Their rosters have, at one...