2v2 mockup

Is 2v2 Hearthstone a Possibility?

Hearthstone has always been a game of one player against one player. There are a few small instances of player versus computer, and even smaller of cooperative players, but these are few and far between. In all other cases,...
The legendary cards in the upcoming Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion have started to be revealed.

Knights of the Frozen Throne: First Legendary Reveals

In the past few weeks, we've had our first Hearthstone cards reveals for Knights of the Frozen Throne. Now that the official reveal season has started, it's time to start covering the cards for real. With the first batch...
Hearthstone's upcoming expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne, will feature the Lich King.

Hearthstone Expansion Preview: Knights of the Frozen Throne

It's that time of year again. Blizzard is starting to tease out details about the newest Hearthstone expansion. We've even got a name for the upcoming release: Knights of the Frozen Throne. It's slated for release in August, and Blizzard is...
Rogue's Quest just got hit with a serious nerf, which is a good indication about future balance patches.

Hearthstone: The Caverns Below Nerf and Wild Packs

You've probably heard that there's a nerf coming to Hearthstone. I know, big news! Our bi-yearly nerf! This time, it's Quest Rogue decks that are on the receiving end of Blizzard's nerf hammer. As far as nerfs go, this seems...
Blizzard's adjustments to pity timers and legendary drop rates in Hearthstone card packs are a welcome change for many players, myself included.

How Does Hearthstone’s Pity Timer Work?

Some amazing news is coming to Hearthstone about card packs. Here's the deal: Hearthstone, at least in its current state, has simply become too expensive for new players to begin playing. Even veterans have been feeling the heat. Journey to Un'Goro...
Hearthstone's viewership numbers have taken a massive hit over the past month.

Eat My Dust: Hearthstone Viewership Is Declining

This isn't the first time, and it hopefully won't be the last, but Hearthstone's viewership is plummeting. Again. Hearthstone, as you're probably aware, is a digital card game. And yet, somehow, it receives less frequent updates than actual physical...
Are professional Hearthstone players just getting lucky, or does the game actually require skill? One thing is for certain: Hearthstone's community has a serious negative attitude problem.

Negativity in Professional Hearthstone: Whose Fault Is It?

Without professional players, esports wouldn't exist in the form it does today. They're the lifeblood of every game, which means the success and failure of an esports title is, ultimately, in the hands of the best players. Recent events in...
Hearthstone's client glitching out.

Opinion: Hearthstone’s Client Is Poorly Programmed

I've written several hundred articles about Hearthstone by this point, and I've ranted a lot. There's a lot to complain about, but there's also a lot that I could've done better as a journalist. One of the things I’ve...
Hearthstone's June update includes a variety of small changes designed to improve the player experience, like streamlined deck importing.

Hearthstone’s June Update: Quality-of-Life Improvements

Hearthstone's June update featured a variety of fixes and a ton of new features. In fact, there are too many to properly discuss, so I’ll focus on the big ones for today. Before we get into it, I have to...
Hearthstone is in a rough place right now, and this time, it's not clear whether the game will be able to bounce back without Blizzard making substantial changes to their development process.

Being Bored in 2017: The Grim Future of Hearthstone

As we near the halfway point of 2017, Hearthstone is facing a grim reality. The game, despite continued support from dedicated players, has finally reached a point where the majority of fans are dissatisfied. Usually once two months have...
The best low budget decks in Hearthstone.

Hearthstone: The Best Low Budget Decks

I saw a post on Reddit earlier this week about low budget Hearthstone decks from Matt Becker--if you haven't seen his decklists yet, you can check them out on Reddit and AppTrigger. Dealing with Hearthstone's steep financial curve on a budget...
Hearthstone's recent "Peek to the Past" Tavern Brawl is a new take on the Pauper game format often found in other CCGs. Blizzard forced players to build decks using only more common cards from the original two sets that were released with the game.

Pauper Mode: The Way Hearthstone Should Be Played

This week’s Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is A Peek to the Past. The rules of the Brawl are fairly straightforward: you make a deck using only common and rare cards from the basic and classic sets. It's a format that's...