Hearthstone Arena – the Best and the Worst

Introduction Hearthstone’s Arena is a very different beast than constructed. Now that Standard has come into play, arena not only has different strategies, but a whole slew of different cards as well. Because of the nature of not knowing what...
Aggro Druid has returned in Hearthstone's Journey to Un'Goro expansion. It's fast, flexible, and fun deck that's good in most matchups.

Yogg-Saron Druid Guide

Introduction This is yet another Yogg-Saron inspired deck. It was first seen in competitive play by Tars, who brought it to Dreamhack Austin and managed to defeat his opponent convincingly with it. Recently it has been popularized by J4CKIECHAN, a...

The Shaman Issue in Hearthstone

Every class has its weakness, right? Well as it turns out, Shaman doesn’t. There isn’t a deck that can comfortably both counter Tunnel Trogg and Totem Golem while also getting ready to counter Flamewreathed Faceless, at least not reliably.

Big Game Hunter – a Memorial

In May this year, just before the Standard format and Whispers of the Old Gods launched, several cards received the nerf-hammer. One of the cards changed was our beloved Big Game Hunter. He had become a staple in many...

C’Thun: A Failure of the Old Gods?

When the cards of Whispers of the Old Gods began to be revealed, there was quite a bit of hype for C’Thun and his minions. As more cards were revealed and we got closer to the launch, that excitement...

Hotform Interview at Good Game Con

We were able to catch up with Dylan ‘Hotform’ Mullins at Good Game Convention in Toronto. Hotform is a professional Hearthstone player who lives in Toronto. He recently competed in the Hearthstone Americas Championship where he came second after...

Top Five Ways We Miss ‘Sorry’

We say goodbye to Sorry With Hearthstone’s most recent expansion, they made a UI change affecting how players communicate. There have always been six different preset emotes that you can send at your opponent during a Hearthstone match. Until recently...

The Worst Cards in Standard

One of the most important changes when Standard was released was that with Naxxramas and Goblins cycling out, Hearthstone would rely far less on randomness. We lost cards like Unstable Portal, Piloted Shredder, and Imp-Losion, and Knife Juggler was...

Know the Decks of the Old Gods Meta

There are a thousand guides on how to climb the ladder in Hearthstone. They all include important advice, but most of them focus around your own state of mind and the deck that you chose to use. One thing...

Zoolock Guide for Standard

Introduction Zoo Warlock, or Zoolock, was made by Reynad early on in Hearthstone’s history, and it has managed to survive every meta since, with varying degrees of potency. It is often thought of as being a very easy deck, but...

Tavern Brawl Experiences – Top 2

This week’s Tavern Brawl is Top Two. You choose two cards, and your entire deck will filled with fifteen of each of the cards you chose. It’s the most fun brawl in a long time, with everyone trying out...

Top 5 Worst Legendaries from the Old Gods

As a follow up to the Top Five Legendaries of Old Gods, let’s take a look at some of the worst legendaries. Many of these were expected, but a few are surprising. Many of these are ones that simply...