Dragon Priest Guide

Introduction The release of The Grand Tournament spawned two entirely new decks. Secret Paladin, and Dragon Priest. Dragon Priest is a deck which makes use of synergistic cards and large taunts to build up intimidating boards. Plus, it uses dragons....
The Secret Mage deck has finally surged to the top of the Hearthstone meta.

Tempo Mage Guide

Tempo Mage has been around since the start of Hearthstone. Mages being such an efficient class curve out early, making them very difficult to be stopped. Tempo mage fell out of favour for a while with Grim Patron dominance, but...

Playing the Waiting Game: Fatigue Warrior

With the recent fall of Patron Warrior, there is a gap in the Hearthstone meta that's quickly being worked out. Decks such as Aggro Druid and Secret Paladin are considered top tier just because there is very little that...

Deck Tech: Post-TGT Handlock

TGT Handlock: Playing Life Tap Warlock Handlock is a control warlock deck centered around using Warlock's hero power, Life Tap, to draw a large hand that allows you to play powerful cards such as Twilight Drake or Mountain Giant on turn 4/5...

Dota 2 Tips and Tricks – Become a Better Player

Dota 2 can be a hard game to figure out. Use these tips and tricks to improve your play!