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Two of the world's best Overwatch players have been accused of using aimbots to improve their in-game performance.

Surefour and Taimou Hit with Aimbot Allegations

Overwatch has not even hit its official release yet and two of the top players on the professional scene have been leveled with hasty accusations of using third-party software to boost their in-game performances.

C9 Impact: Cloud 9 Reported to Be Making Significant Changes to LCS Roster

C9 Impact appears to be coming to a NA LCS Summer split near you. Recent reports have revealed that Cloud 9 will swap out long time top laner Balls for Korean top laner Impact for the upcoming NA LCS Summer split. ESPN's Jacob...

Back to Back Champions: CLG Defeats Rivals TSM 3-2

Riot sure wrote a beautiful script for this one. After a disappointing spring split for the newly formed TSM super team, the team found themselves in the grand finals of the NA LCS playoffs, head-to-head with longtime rivals CLG. This time around...

Li-Ming: Redefining the Archetype

The Hero every die-hard Diablo fan had been waiting for: Li-Ming the D3 Wizard. The hype was especially high for this iconic character, and her high octane “reset mage” playstyle offered even more excitement. Up until her release, Kael’Thas...

‘OMG’ Syndrome: Why You’re At Risk & How to Avoid This Deadly ELO-Eating Disease

12:37AM. You reassure yourself that it's not that late as you calculate how many hours of sleep you can get if you go to bed after this game. You are so close to being promoted that you can taste...

3 Tactics Used by Poker Pros That Can Help LoL Players Climb ELO

Grinding out ranked games can become extremely taxing on the mind and soul. At times you become genuinely curious whether or not it's a mistake that you keep getting matched up with under performing teammates, or if you just aren't as good at...

Women of League: Naomi the Once Siren

Contributor: Naomi (Solvanas) We fucking loved team Siren - I don't care what anyone else says. But let me tell you my story if you'd be so kind as to read, and see if that changes your perspective. I started League of...

Nasus Picked in EU LCS – Time to Question the Cane

Nasus has been in the news more than usual lately. Nasus main and full time streamer SirchEz recently signed to Team Liquid (as a streamer, not an LCS player), and just today, Cabochard of Team Vitality picked Nasus in...

Darshan Does It Again: The True Back Door King

There are many different types of players that make up an LCS roster. You have your consistent players who perform exactly how you expect them to game in and game out. There are the up and comers whose performances...

LoL’s Class Struggle: Change Predicted through Marx

Karl Marx was a 19th century Prussian philosopher who was so apt at articulating theory that he even formed an ideology, Marxism. In a drastic oversimplification, for the purpose of this article, this theory refers to a struggle between social classes...

Team Culture – Creating Sustainable Success

In every sport, the ultimate goal is always to win a championship. For most teams, this will never happen, but that doesn't mean that those teams are not successful but championship teams are not always the most successful ones...

Plan B: Larger LCS Rosters Inevitable for Competitive Teams

Current LCS rosters carry just the required 5 starting players necessary to play the game. Each player bears the responsibility & privilege of being a full-time starter at their respective role. There are a few exceptions; xPeke has expressed...