Anykey Affiliate Interview: DeafGamersTV

As part of an ongoing series with AnyKey, I had the opportunity to chat with Chris "Phoenix" Robinson, the mastermind behind DeafGamersTV. Chris is an advocate for gaming accessibility, as well as an affiliate of AnyKey. This interview has been edited...
Dota 2 Microtransactions

Dota 2 and Microtransaction Madness

Many games use some form of microtransactions, and Dota is no exception. Dota 2 microtransactions are what help keep Valve's free-to-play game afloat, but there are plenty of reasons to criticize the current monetization model. Detractors of League of Legends...
The life of a left-handed gamer.

The Life of a Left-Handed Gamer

Handedness is a preference for using one hand over the other for fine motor tasks, such as throwing a ball or writing. As much as 90% of the population is right-handed and only about 10% are left-handed. Because of...
AnyKey is leading the charge in the fight for making the world of gaming a more inclusive and welcoming for everyone.

AnyKey’s Unique Approach To Tackling Gaming Toxicity

Foul language. Targeted harassment. Throwing games to piss off your teammates. Raiding a stream with inappropriate spam. Threats to leak personal information. There's a lot of behavior that fits under the umbrella of "toxicity" in gaming. While report and...
Who cares about tournaments when all the biggest teams aren't in attendance?

Do Dota 2 Fans Care about Unfamiliar Players and New Teams?

Teams are fickle in esports. The once-great bromances between players fade, and our favorite combos break up and move on to greener pastures. We're forced to put away our team jerseys and pick up the banner of our favorite...
The biggest and best Dota 2 drama 2017 edition.

The Biggest and Best Dota 2 Drama of 2017

2017 is coming to a close, so it's time to reflect on the myriad of drama we've been treated to this past year in the world of Dota 2. Here are some of the more notable debacles. Personalities and Players Nara Admittedly,...
How and when should teams be able to pause in professional Dota 2?

Dota 2: How and When Should Pro Teams Be Allowed to Pause?

Pauses are a contentious issue in professional Dota 2 matches. Unfortunately, the vast majority of pauses you sees in matches are usually accompanied by an excuse along the lines of "sry lag." Obviously, lag is a bigger problem in teamfights...
Dota 2 Geology

A Geologist’s Guide to the Dota 2 Map

Why does the terrain on the Dota 2 battlefield look the way it does? In this article, we propose several hypotheses for geologic processes that have sculpted Dota 2's map. My introductory geology textbook always featured photos of real-life locations...
Dota 2 MMR: Miracle- at AMD SAPPHIRE Dota PIT League Minor.

You Are Not Your MMR: The Dangers of Obsession

When Seasonal Ranked Matchmaking hit Dota 2 last week, there was some initial confusion about how the game's new MMR system worked. Evil Geniuses superstar SumaiL was previously mid-8k MMR, and somehow fell to 6.7k in the new system....
Photo of Dendi at TI7.

How Does Dota 2’s New Seasonal Ranked Matchmaking Work?

As of November 22nd, Dota 2 has officially introduced Seasonal Ranked Matchmaking. This new system will force every Dota 2 player to recalibrate their matchmaking rank at the beginning of every six-month season. According to Valve, these "nitial calibration games will...
Midas Mode is a unique kind of Dota tournament organized by SirActionSlacks.

Midas Mode: A Breath of Fresh Air for Dota Fans

Midas Mode is a brand new type of Dota tournament, invented by SirActionSlacks and Moonduck Studios. Novelty Dota tournaments are somewhat of a rarity: in the past, we've had Captains Draft and Ability Draft, but these events are anything...
Patrick Valoppi rocking his Astralis jersey at the office.

Staff Spotlight: Patrick Valoppi, Our Fearless Leader

Patrick Valoppi has been part of the Esports Edition family for two years. As our Product Manager, Patrick is the guy who keeps our team on track, manages our finances, and ensures we're always on the lookout for new...