Holiday Giveaway #3: Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse

It's only a week into December, and we're still full of holiday cheer and spirit. Esports Edition is giving away a Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse to one of our readers--it was our favorite peripheral of 2016, and we...

EE’s Weekly Roundup: December 6th

Wondering what you missed last week in the wonderful world of esports? We've assembled a list of the top stories, available for you to read at your leisure. Welcome to the Weekly Roundup. League of Legends Off-Season Madness Unicorns Of Love Even...

Esports, Sports Recognition, and Visas

So it’s called an “esport”? It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the Dota 2 community and you’ve no doubt heard about the visa issues that have prevented teams like Execration from attending the Boston Major. If you haven’t, you...
CS:GO Glove Skins - Glove Case Update

Glove Skins in CS:GO: What’s Next?

Earlier this week, Valve announced the introduction of Glove Cases, a new case that contains a mixture of new weapon skins, and, more importantly, the first customized glove skins in the game. Seventeen of the twenty-four new glove skins are community-made...
League of Legends stage

Jung’s Wednesday Rant: The “Kill Yourself” Problem

I know gamers say a lot of things. Phrases can become memes pretty quickly, but as our team has mentioned before, there's friendly banter - and then there's crossing the line. I'm not going to talk about the topic as...
Heroes of the Storm MOBA

Heroes of the Busy Gamer: Accepting a Casual MOBA

In the past couple years, we've seen a surge in the popularity of MOBA games. This kind of competition between titles is healthy. Each time a patch is released, developers take the opportunity to not only look at how the game...
Dota changes Vave improvments

Four Dota 2 Changes We’d Like to See from Valve

  Valve developers are possibly the most helpful developers around. Anyone who checks out the forums from time to time will have noticed that they rapidly respond to community complaints or suggestions for improvement. Since the release of Dota Reborn they've...

Jung’s Wednesday Rant: Why Wired Gaming Mice Suck Ass

Don't burn me at the stake please. I'm using a wired mouse right now. Does that make me a hypocrite? No, but it does make me quite unhappy. Wireless gaming mice are still too unreliable to be used for serious multiplayer gaming, but...

Splitting the Powerhouse: The NA and EU Division Split

The Boston Qualifiers concluded earlier this month and we have our sixteen teams that will compete in the Boston Major this December. This Major presented Valve and the Dota 2 community with a particularly heated issue. As we saw, many...

Why Valve Should Revert the AWP Nerf

A Brief History of AWP Nerfs In early April of 2015, Valve implemented a patch to CS:GO that reduced the speed at which a player could move while scoped in with a sniper rifle. This meant that players could no...

5 Ways to Break Up with Your Duo Queue Partner

There's never a right time to say goodbye. Thanks, Chris Brown for your great life advice. He's right this time though. If you've ever been disgruntled with a relationship, you know how hard it is to actually break up with...

Top 5 Reasons Why You Suck at Video Games

Regardless of which esport you love, there's some common traits in all the non-elite players. If you're content being the feeder that you are, that's totally fine; without people like you, I would have actually needed to grind to...