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Hearthstone Solo Adventures and Quests

Hearthstone Solo adventures is something that Blizzard strayed away from for a long time. Playing with other players has always been the main focus, and even the missions could only be done in competitive play. However, around a year...
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These Are the Top Decks in the Boomsday Project Expansion

We’re a month into the Boomsday Project expansion now, and the top decks are becoming very apparent. Warlock took an early lead, dominating the meta for the first couple weeks. Now it has settled a bit, with some other...
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The Magnetic Mechanic

If you’ve been keeping up with the new Boomsday Project expansion, or even playing it yourself, you’ve probably encountered Hearthstone's Magnetic mechanic. The Magnetic keyword is entirely new and exclusive to mechs, although it does act very similar to Rexxar’s...