Ana Nidalee

Perfect Pair: Overwatch Heroes and LoL Champs (Support)

Aug 17, 2016

Player personalities tend to be transferable from game to game, and it turns out that in-game characters across different titles share some eerily similar traits. Among two of the most popular games right now – Overwatch and League of Legends – quite a few parallels could be drawn between some of their characters. This series will attempt to perfectly pair a League champion for each Overwatch hero; some might not be as obvious as you think!

Ana: Nidalee

Ana Nidalee

The newest member of the Overwatch cast brings together the best of two worlds: supporting and sniping – right? Think back to earlier League of Legends days, when more often than not, people would be forced into the support role, only to pick up that fantastic AP only Nidalee. Many carry mains in Overwatch who end up being forced onto support in competitive games often default to Ana. But she’s not Widowmaker. That being said, Ana can actually do a fantastic job of healing, unlike our LoL cougar.

Lucio: Sona

Lucio Sona support

The muses in each game, Sona and Lucio use their audio abilities to buff teammates. They share area-of-effect speed and healing auras, and can offer small bursts of damage too. Most players can find some level of success just slamming their faces on the keyboard on these two heroes. That being said, Lucio is a perma-pick, while Sona almost never sees the light of day.

Mercy: Soraka

Mercy Soraka support

Who could Mercy be paired with, other than Soraka? These are the token healing supports of each game. They offer dedicated single-target healing to the most important carry. Their bailout ultimates are catalysts of frustration for enemies. Thankfully though, their fragility makes them completely vulnerable to assassins like Genji and Tracer in Overwatch, or Zed and Kassadin in League.

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Symmetra: Zyra

Symmetra Zyra support

Before you all go on a tirade telling me how Symmetra isn’t a support, let me preface this by saying I agree; but it’s not super important in this context. Coincidentally, her pair is a pseudo-support as well in Zyra. They can both set up huge zones of damage, preventing enemies from conveniently diving in. Their damage outputs really sneak up on you out of nowhere – just think about how many times you might’ve died to random Zyra plants. Symmetra’s primary fire is like Winston’s Tesla Cannon multiplied by 10.

Zenyatta: Kayle

Zenyatta Kayle support

Without a doubt, Zenyatta was the toughest hero for me to match. He’s definitely got a million pieces to his kit, while retaining a really unique character. While his balanced state is reminiscent of Lee Sin, his kit is most accurately reflected by Kayle. They have insane damage, amplified by an unavoidable single-target debuff. At one point, Kayle was even classified as a support, before she faded into irrelevance. Zenyatta is experiencing the opposite surge now, coming in as an amazing healer in combination with the jack-of-all trades kit. Their invincible ultimates, while fairly different in effect, share that golden glowing substance.

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