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Why You Should Never Feel Contempt While Gaming

Jul 12, 2016
Art by Zendanaar

Regardless of game, a large portion of players display some contempt in their behavior;this is often reclassified more broadly as toxicity. Despite how commonplace a condescending attitude may be in our games, it may be a sign of incredible mental frailty.

This recent study found that “beneath their sneering veneer, contempt-prone people are needy and psychologically fragile.” Scoring highly on the ‘dispositional contempt scale’ was found to be positively correlated with some negative character traits including narcissism, Machiavellianism, loneliness, anxious attachment style, low self-esteem, and even racism.

When you encounter players who display contempt towards teammates and even opponents, try to take a compassionate approach rather than a defensive one. In all likelihood, they are extremely poor at socialization and have incredibly low self-worth. By having greater patience for these people, you can definitely mitigate the toxicity they bring to a team environment. In the long run, this ultimately means winning more games.

If you find yourself constantly looking down on your teammates and holding your nose in disdain, perhaps you should have greater concern over your own character. These traits can be extremely self-destructive. More relevantly, they may inhibit long-term growth in a person, preventing the acquisition of game knowledge and reducing one’s ability to adapt to adverse situations.

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How can I get rid of my contempt?

Although no concrete formula exists to improve this aspect of one’s character, the researchers in the aforementioned study recommend various training techniques. These include “loving-kindness meditation or compassion training.” Ultimately, this change comes from internal reflection.

The benefits of it could potentially be quite powerful. The team states that “processes that decrease contempt may, according to our research, promote mental and behavioral flexibility; boost self-esteem; expand one’s social network; lower loneliness and depression; cement romantic relationships; and overall generate more caring members of humanity.” Not only would this truly develop one’s own character, but it would also improve the community and world as a whole.

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