Midrange Hunter isn't the strongest deck in the Hearthstone meta right now, but it's still strong.
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Midrange Hunter Guide

May 8, 2017
Art via Sergey82M.

Hunter decks haven’t been good in a very long time, but Hearthstone’s Journey to Un’Goro expansion has managed to bring Midrange Hunter decks back from the dead. Hunter is certainly not the most popular class, nor the most oppressive one. However, the new Hunter is very strong, and it’s Midrange Hunter is a viable deck in high level play. If you’ve missed your favorite beasts, it’s time to come back home to Hunter.

Midrange Hunter Decklist

Midrange Hunter DecklistThis list is my own personal list, and while it’s served me well, that doesn’t mean it’s the best list out there. There’s a lot of variety in the different Midrange Hunter decks out there. If you’re interested in cutting some cards, it’s worth your time to play around a bit and explore some different options–there’s a lot of versatility in Midrange Hunter. The Deathrattle package especially seems to be very hit or miss, so if you’re looking for somewhere to get started making your own Midrange Hunter deck, take out the Deathrattles and give it a whirl.

Midrange Hunter Playstyle

Midrange Hunter’s playstyle may be the most straightforward of any meta deck at the moment, apart from Pirate Warrior. This deck is based around building a board and hitting your opponent hard. There’s no special combo we’re waiting for, and no perfect game plan. The strength of Midrange Hunter lies in the fact that every card you play is strong by itself. You don’t have any cards you are forced to hold. There are some synergies in your deck, and they are very strong. However, they are by no means required. Crackling Razormaw is insane when it adapts a beast. But if you have to play it as a two mana 3/2, it’s still very strong. Every card carries its weight.

That being said, there are still very strong synergies you can take advantage of. Especially if you are using my version, or another one with the Deathrattle package. It’s rare that you won’t have something to play for the first few turns. One of your biggest goals will be to play things in the correct order to fit everything in and hit synergies. For example, if you play Rat Pack, you know you’ll want to play Terrorscale Stalker the turn after, so you might want to coin out the Rat Pack for a turn 2-3 combo. Or maybe you want to hold it until later for a different combo. For example, turn five you can play Kindly Grandmother and Terrorscale on the same turn. Mana efficiency while playing to your combos is a must when piloting Midrange Hunter decks.

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Midrange Hunter Matchups

Midrange Hunter falls into the trap that a lot of Midrange decks do: it’s weak to aggro. Depending on the meta or the particular matchup, this can be very debilitating. That being said, the deck doesn’t get dominated, by any means. If you’re able to get a big taunt with Misha or Houndmaster, you can easily overpower aggro decks. Even combo-ing Crackling Razormaw or Terrorscale can easily let you retake board advantage.

Midrange Hunter is at its most powerful against slower decks. Control decks have a very hard time clearing all of your many threats, and this is particularly true for the Deathrattle version. Decks like Freeze Mage struggle quite a bit with Deathrattles – make use of this. Try and keep your Deathrattles on the field in those matchups. Trading poorly with stronger minions can be the correct play, if it stops them from clearing the board. Overall the deck breezes through most control matchups, making it excellent in certain metas.

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