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The Best Dota 2 Valentines Day Cards on the Internet

Feb 2, 2017
reddit user flakypasta

As a single lady, this is usually one of my least favorite times of the year. Everybody else is picking out V-Day outfits and selecting a restaurant while I’m trying to decide if it’s worth the $40 price tag to buy Team NP leggings.

Fortunately, the internet abounds with Dota 2 Valentines! Now I have something to occupy my time as I stockpile wine for the 14th.

Here are my best attempts:

Roses are red, 

Violets are blue,

You’re more surprising than Pocket Rikimaru

Our romance is greater than Aui_2000 x UNiVerSe

I’d share my Tango with you <3

I’d never Time Walk away from you

No? Well, fortunately many other creative people have come up with better ones. (Bonus: many of these are printable.)

Roshan Valentine
shelzie on DeviantArt
Rubik valentine
by wondersableye.tumblr.com

Or, if you’ve recently gone through a breakup, try sending your now-ex love some delicious copypasta (originally created for the Sheever/Bulldog split, still relevant).

Hey [ex’s name], I’m trying to learn how to play Lifestealer, I just have a few questions about the skill build. Should I max Feast like you feasted on my feelings for you, Open Wounds like the ones you left in my heart, Rage so I can become immune to any remorse like you do, or Infest like when you jumped into my life just to suddenly burst out of it leaving a huge mess behind?

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Or, if you prefer thinly-veiled innuendo…

…we have this collection of Dota 2 Valentines [credit to Reddit user flakypasta].

This album contains such uncomfortable gems such as:

S4 valentine

Notail Valentine

Omaze GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Yup. Good luck with those. Give one of these Valentines–maybe not the Bulba one–to a special someone in your life this month.

As for me, I’ll just have to wear an Amulet of Mara around until somebody notices.

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