Ten Bans: More Depth, Diversity, and Strategy

In a measure to increase champion diversity in professional play, Riot announced this January that teams will now ban a total of 10 champions during champion select. In addition to increasing overall champion diversity, the change presents teams with...
Dota Matchmaking Regions

Dota’s “Soft” Region Locking: Unforeseen Consequences

Region locking: the most talked-about thing in the Dota-sphere, aside from complaining about "unfair" low priority.  Not a day goes by without someone complaining on Reddit about having to play with non-English speakers on US East. Usually, these discussions quickly devolve...
Roadhog's Hook Update

Overwatch Update: Roadhog’s Hook Changed (Again)

Last week, Blizzard released their first Overwatch update of the year, and yesterday, the developers announced an update to that update, which will be tested on the PTR before it's pushed to the live client. Here's the full list of included changes, courtesy...

New Overwatch Update: Changes to Hog’s Hook and More!

On January 5th, Blizzard shipped the first Overwatch update of 2017, and it included sizable buffs, nerfs, and general fixes to several heroes. Roadhog's Hook The most requested of these fixes is an update to Roadhog’s hook. Previously, players snagged by Roadhog’s hook were...
The bugs in Dota 7.01 aren't fun for anyone.

Bugs in Dota 7.01: Everyone’s a Beta Tester

Valve waited just long enough after Reborn to give us another buggy Dota release. It was a choice between the better of two evils for Valve: release Monkey King and 7.00 on time, as promised, and end up with tons of...
csgo nuke

CS:GO Audio Updates and Improvements to Nuke

In their most recent update to CS:GO, it seems Valve finally took heed to what players and pundits have been complaining about. The update brought several changes to Nuke meant to improve the map, as well as the introduction of...
Screenshot of Oasis map by Blizzard

Buckle up for Oasis, Overwatch’s Latest Map

Oasis, the latest map to release on the PTR, features a city skyline inspired by real world desert metropolises like Dubai or Abu Dhabi. There’s a restaurant catered by a hovering omnic wait staff (tipping not necessary, but always...

Draft Pick Moving to a 10 Ban System?

Life isn't just desserts when your main champion becomes meta. In fact, if you were already aware of just how good a certain champion was before the rest of the world picked up on it, having your main champion...

Team Liquid to Release Documentary: Breaking Point

Team Liquid took to Twitter today to announce the release of the much anticipated behind-the-scenes look at the internal problems their League of Legends team went through last season. Titled 'Breaking Point', the documentary plans to show fans of...

Hearthstone Patch 6.2.0 Brings Quality of Life Changes

The Low Down Patch 6.2.0 is one that has been a long time coming. The first is the text fixes. Blizzard didn’t get all of them, but a lot of inconsistencies have been fixed. There were also many small visual or functional...

Try Hard Time: 2016 Season Ends November 7th

The Season Comes to an End Riot has spoken. The 2016 League of Legends season will come to a close on November 7th; less than 3 weeks from now, as we shift into another experimental pre-season. Now is the perfect time...

Halloween Loot Boxes: Blizzard Makes Amends

Learning from the Past In August, Blizzard released the three-week long event, Summer Games. The event brought a Rocket League-esque game mode and over 100 new collectibles that were exclusive to Summer Games loot boxes. The boxes could be purchased at the same...