NA LCS Summer 2015 Week

It’s Almost LCS Time: Five Important Questions

There’s still plenty of dust to settle as the offseason comes to a close, but the North American League of Legends Championship Series (NA LCS) is right around the corner. At the tail end of an offseason headlined by high...
TSM needs to get their act together.

TSM Sucks at CS:GO

Team SoloMid, as an organization, has a terrible track record in CS:GO. The most current drama between the team owner, Andy "Reginald" Dinh, and Sean "seang@res" Gares, is only the most recent event in an ongoing string of awful...

TSM Leffen Defeats Hungrybox at DPOTG

After struggling with visa issues for countless months, William "Leffen" Hjelte has finally captured another major Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament win this weekend at "Don't Park On The Grass" (DPOTG), nearly 7 months since his last major victory...

TSM Tanks at IEM Oakland 2016

IEM Oakland 2016 was an event many TSM fans were looking forward to. It would mark the team's first series since their rather disappointing run at Worlds 2016. It would also be their first series of the off-season that TSM...

Singed Support Banned: Screw Your Meta

The biggest barrier to innovation in League of Legends is Riot itself. From introducing patches in the middle of important stretches of competitive LoL, to completely re-making the jungle from season to season, players are almost never able to...

TSM to Attend IEM Oakland with Surprise ADC

The full list of teams attending the Intel Extreme Masters in Oakland, California on November 19-20 has been announced, with the number of total participants dropping from eight to six. ESL Senior Producer William "Chobra" Cho confirmed to ESPN that...

Why TSM FORG1VEN Would Be a Huge Mistake

If a franchise can’t sell the idea of winning a championship to their fans, they often sell hope. Hope that the upcoming season will be a big step in the right direction. TSM coasted their way through the Summer...
Doublift and Bjergsen

Doublelift Announces Spring Hiatus

In a surprising move, TSM’s Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng will be taking off the upcoming spring split, the organization announced Tuesday. Doublelift’s statement: "It has been a huge privilege to play professionally with so much support from my fans and teammates. I’m...

TSM Dyrus Publishes Long-Awaited Donezo Manifesto

The 24 year-old ex-pro had mentioned his plans to share all his personal thoughts on the drama he had experienced first hand as a pro player on TSM, but noted it would have to wait until after he retired to avoid burning too many bridges.

TSM Eliminated: North America’s Greatest Hope Falls to RNG

he impressive Summer performance, the successful Korean bootcamp, and all the hype that comes with being such a dominant Western team - none of it mattered any more. TSM would advance past groups with a win, or they would be eliminated with a loss.
Worlds 2016 G2 ANX

Worlds 2016: Who’s Undefeated after Week 1?

Who's managed to remain undefeated at Worlds 2016? Not SK Telecom T1, nor Team SoloMid - not even number 1 seed from China, Edward Gaming, who had an undefeated season regionally. Heck, tournament favorites ROX Tigers have even dropped a match. In short, everyone has been beaten,...

Cinderella Story: North America’s Hope Alive

The season-ending Worlds tournament taking place in North America during a time in which multiple analysts have North American teams ranked above many of their international counterparts seemed almost too good to be true. The potential for not just powerhouse...