Spring Split Featured Image

Spring Split: Preseason Power Rankings

North America's League of Legends offseason may have been the wildest to date. We saw NBA  investors, Korean stars sailing in, the return of Dignitas, and plenty of players migrating as organizations assembled lineups to compete in the NA LCS....
Cloud9 Overwatch

Cloud9 Overwatch Signs Gods; KyKy Benched

Cloud9 Overwatch has brought a third DPS player onto their roster with the addition of Daniel "Gods" Graeser, just in time for the season 2 premier of the Korean OGN Overwatch APEX League. To make room for this move,...
envyus at WESG

One Last Hurrah for EnVyUs

The World Electronic Sports Games CS:GO tournament wrapped up this weekend with Team EnVyUs taking the title. With a prize pool of $1.5 million and a first place prize of $800,000, EnVyUs took home the biggest prize in CSGO...
Newbee Dota2

Newbee.Boss Announces Trailblazing New Roster

The Newbee organization has announced the formation of an additional Dota squad: Newbee Boss. Here's the current roster: Xiao8 Ferrari_430 Axx ChuaN Zei9 There are two notable things about Newbee.Boss: It's Xiao8, Ferrari_430, and ChuaN's current team. All of these players have...
Reunited Overwatch Roster

Reunited Leaves Overwatch, Rocket League

After a year in esports, one of the first professional Overwatch teams, Reunited, will be ceasing all operations. In an ultimate news release, Reunited co-founders Frederik Kragh Christensen and Christian Jantzen announced the end of the player-owned esports...
Origen XPeke Announcement

Origen Announces 2017 League of Legends Roster

Over a simple YouTube video, Enrique "xPeke" Cedeño Martinez announced the new roster for Origen's League of Legends team, after a disappointing 2016 season that left the former international contenders vulnerable to relegation. Upon returning to the EU...
Team NP Jersey with sponsorship logos.

Controversial Sponsorships: Necessary Evil or Detrimental?

I can't imagine it's that easy to find sponsors for start-up esports teams. A great example is Team NP. They recently partnered with FYM Hot Sauce, a small company from Portland, OR. FYM's owner is active on Reddit and enthusiastic...

Hammer Down! Analyzing Plays from COWLeague Open

This week’s Competitive Overwatch Open ended with a 2-1 victory for Rubicon over Lucky 7. This second week of competitive play drew to a close with a match on King’s Row after pitting 32 participating teams through five rounds of carnage...
TL Dardoch

Esports Roster Building: Shiny Things to Dull Problems

The offseason is a fantastic time to analyze the strategic approaches of the owners of esports teams. And, for the purposes of this piece, let's look at teams, not organizations. This means we are emphasizing the building of a...
Team Faceless Dota2

Five Reasons to Root for Team Faceless at the Boston Major

Feeling lost without Liquid, Secret, NaVi, nor Alliance to root for at Boston? Do you miss iceiceice's specific brand of humor? 'Fear' not (huehuehue), Team Faceless is here! Or, rather, there. In Boston. Why Team Faceless? 5. An Underdog Team in an...
Splyce on stage via Riot Games Flickr

Bot Lane Duo Kobbe and Mikyx Return to Splyce

After spending a few days fielding offers, Splyce’s bottom lane, AD carry Kasper “Kobbe” Kobberup and support Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle, have re-enlisted with Splyce for the 2017 season, the players announced on Friday and Saturday. Both members were important pieces...
Dota2 Visa Issues

Player Visa Denials Are Screwing Over Dota Teams

Opening Thoughts: I've been pondering this topic for a while, as it seems to be the same old story each time: teams lose a player or two due to visa denials, and it gives them an unfair handicap in tournaments. I...