Dota Slark Counter

Dota 2: How to Deal with Slark

Is there any hero more feared in average skill pub games than Slark? For a long time, this hero has attracted early picks and bans, and you're probably familiar with that helpless feeling of creeping away from the safety of...
Talent Trees

Who Has the Best Talent Tree?

Now that we've all had a chance to play around with Dota's latest patch, with all its shrines and map changes, it's time to take a closer look at the newly introduced Talent Trees. Hero Talent Trees have proved to be...
Last Hitting

Uncontested Creeps: You’re Missing Too Many Last Hits

In a game with as much depth as League of Legends, there's always value in identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes that means going back to fundamentals, and today we're going to focus on the most basic of all of them:...
Sniper is a terrifying opponent in mid.

The Mid Lane Shuffle: Dota 7.01

With the release of 7.01 balancing out the huge gameplay overhaul that 7.00 brought with some well placed tweaks, it's time to take a look at the meta in some real depth. What better way to start than checking the customary...
Monkey King likes his lanes like he likes his coffee: dominated.

Is the Monkey King Overpowered?

It's time to take a look at Dota's newest addition: the Monkey King. Patch 7.00 brought a whole host of changes, and it will be a while before the Monkey King is added to Captain's Mode and competitive play, but...

Hammer Down! Analyzing Plays from COWLeague Open

This week’s Competitive Overwatch Open ended with a 2-1 victory for Rubicon over Lucky 7. This second week of competitive play drew to a close with a match on King’s Row after pitting 32 participating teams through five rounds of carnage...
dota heroes patch 7.00

The Biggest Winners of Dota 7.00

Patch 7.00 is here, bringing with it a host of fundamental changes to the game and it is already being dubbed Dota 3. Along with the visual changes, the map has been massively reworked and the introduction of Talent...
Dota 2 Luna best carries 6.88e

Dota 2: The Best Carries to Learn on 6.88f

Who's the best carry right now? Which heroes are Arteezy, ShaDow, and Miracle spamming ahead of the Boston Major? Team compositions and strategies are often heavily based around the carry hero, so getting the right one in your draft is crucial...
Juggernaut Dota guide 6.88

Dota 2 Carry Guide: Juggernaut on 6.88e

Why bother mastering Juggernaut? Easy: he's possibly the most flexible carry in the game. Physical and magical damage, strong abilities at all stages of the match, a quick farmer, hard to pick off, decent team fight impact but also solo...

Four Heroes the Pros Won’t Pick in Tournaments

No matter what patch we're in, there are always heroes that look strong in pubs but get largely ignored by professional teams. Why is this? Are these heroes only good against disorganized, lower-tier rabble? Are they too easy to counter...
Drow strat Dota 2

The Best Dota Strats to Try with Your Friends

Whether you're looking to play seriously, or you want to try something fun, there are plenty of awesome strategies in Dota that you can try out with your friends. These sort of team-oriented gameplans are hard to pull off with...

Phantom Assassin Guide for 6.88e

Phantom Assassin has swiftly become the most popular hero in public play in 6.88, and we're even seeing professional teams picking her up every now and again. Phantom Strike now pierces spell immunity, a change brought by 6.88 that has...