Map Randomizers

The Map Randomizer Misrepresentation

ESL One Cologne 2014 was the first time Valve had implemented a map randomizer at a Major, and they've been used at every Major that followed it. The random map draw was meant to add variety to the map pool...
New maps in an operation? That's on my wishlist

Our CS:GO Wishlist for 2017

The Counter-Strike community is needy. Valve gives us a cookie, and we'll spit it out then demand another as though it were our god-given birthright. Sometimes we get mad even when we get what we've been asking for. (See:...
csgo nuke

CS:GO Audio Updates and Improvements to Nuke

In their most recent update to CS:GO, it seems Valve finally took heed to what players and pundits have been complaining about. The update brought several changes to Nuke meant to improve the map, as well as the introduction of...
Screenshot of Oasis map by Blizzard

Buckle up for Oasis, Overwatch’s Latest Map

Oasis, the latest map to release on the PTR, features a city skyline inspired by real world desert metropolises like Dubai or Abu Dhabi. There’s a restaurant catered by a hovering omnic wait staff (tipping not necessary, but always...
Dust2 B-site

Dust 2 Forever: Why de_dust2 Will Never Be Removed

Dust 2 Forever There are many maps that can be played in CS:GO. At any given time there are seven different maps in the active competitive pool. However, no map is more popular or well-known than Dust 2. The map has...

Scorched Earth: The Return of Inferno

Inferno is Back! Earlier this week, Valve introduced the new version of Inferno, which was removed from the map pool back in April. Inferno was removed to bring in the new version of Nuke, much to the chagrin of CS:GO...
Overwatch Observing Obstacle Ana Amari

Overwatch: The Observing Obstacle

Observing is often cited as the most pressing aspect of Overwatch in need of improvement. What's the problem and what can be done to overcome it? Observing Overwatch Although the gameplay can be compared to that of a shooter like CS:GO,...

How I Hit Top 500 without Aiming

Advice to Reach Top 500 If you browse any Overwatch related forum, whether it would be one of the many subreddits, official Blizzard forums, or scattered op-eds, I'm sure you've gotten a slew of advice that all pretty much sounds...
Where the AWPs are free, and the frags don't matter!

Stop Peeking the AWP: No, Seriously, What Are You Doing?

School is starting back up again for lots of folks. Tough, I know. Between homework, establishing a vaguely reasonable sleep schedule, and part-time work, you've got way less time to spend on your grind to Global. But, hey, we're big fans...

Eichenwalde: Thoughts and Implications

Blizzard just announced a new map based on Germanic terrain; Eichenwalde. Its release has been planned for September this year. German, German, German! For those who are interested, the name literally translates to "Oak Woods" (if you ignore the 'e' at the...

Cobblestone Updated with New Staircase

Valve released the version of Cobblestone that we've all come to know--and perhaps loathe--in February of 2015. There have been handful of cosmetic tweaks and bug fixes since then, but we haven't seen any substantive alterations to the map's gameplay...
Newke on LAN? I are think that

Newke’s LAN Debut: A Few Notes

It finally happened. After replacing Inferno in the Active Duty map rotation, the entirely remodeled Nuke (Newke) has arrived on LAN. The first two maps in the best-of-three grand finals between OpTic Gaming (OG) and Tempo Storm at MLG's North American...