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Shocking Start to Trinity Series: Murdered by Murlocs

The Trinity Series tournament is a team-based Hearthstone tournament hosted by ESL. There are eight teams competing, each comprised of three members, and all of the teams bring one deck for every class. The teams both ban two classes, and...
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Reno Mage Guide

The release of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan brought with it many new Reno cards. Very quickly it was established that Warlock was the best Reno class, with Priest trailing. Reno Mage was thrown to the dumpsters, deemed virtually unplayable....
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Breaking into Professional Hearthstone: Part One

How do you become a professional Hearthstone player? Climbing the ladder is a good start, but if you want to make the next step, you'll need to do a lot more. This article series is going to take an...
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Our Five Favorite Pokémon Hearthstone Cards

A Special Introduction This post is thanks to the creative genius of Redditor Corpit. He created an entire album of all original 151 Pokémon as Hearthstone cards. (Check it out, they're amazing.) You can see the Reddit post here. I talked...

Hearthstone: The Developers Have Spoken

Lately there have been a lot of criticisms of the Hearthstone developers for their lack of communication. I wrote an article on the subject just last week. However, since then, Ben Brode has commented on the forums and Reddit. He...
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Hearthstone’s New Player Experience Sucks

Lately there have been a lot of people complaining about the new player experience. Players who have tried to get their friends to play, or are new themselves. They try and start new accounts, and quickly get frustrated and...
Rock Paper Scissors

The Rock Paper Scissors Meta

I’ve talked a lot about my issues and concerns with the current meta lately. I feel it’s too fast, and your opening draw will often decide the outcome of the game. Today, I'm doing a different type of analysis: we’re going...
Patches the Pirate rears his swashbuckling head.

Patches the Pirate Is Overpowered

  If you’ve been playing ladder since the release of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, then you already know about Patches the Pirate. For the uninformed, Patches is a one mana 1/1 Pirate with charge. Oh, and if you play a Pirate,...
Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Jade Faction

Standout Decks from Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion has been out for two days now, and I’ve been playing nothing but Hearthstone. Over such a short period, it’s impossible to see all the new strong decks. However, there are some new...
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Hearthstone Introduces Jade Lotus and Jade Golems

Who are the Jade Lotus? The Jade Lotus are one of three factions that Blizzard introduced for the new Hearthstone expansion. The Jade Lotus faction belongs to the Druid, Shaman, and Rogue classes. Blizzard has officially launched the Jade Lotus page,...
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ATLC Season 2 Announces Crowdfunded Tournament

What is ATLC? ATLC initially stood for Archon Team League Championship. It was a massive tournament last year hosted by Archon. Rather than individuals competing, players applied in teams of three. This was in summer 2015, before Blizzard announced the...

Wild Guide – Freeze Mage

Introduction Recently I’ve made a foray back into wild mode. Wild is full of decks from the ages, with a few additions. The most common new deck is N’Zoth Priest, which is quite strong. There are also many old… favourites....