Day[9] Does Dota

Beloved esports personalities Day and Purge have teamed up for a new Twitch series: Day Learns Dota. Purge is perhaps most widely known for his introductory guide "Welcome to Dota, You Suck!" It's a modern esports classic--almost every new...
Dota Slark Counter

Dota 2: How to Deal with Slark

Is there any hero more feared in average skill pub games than Slark? For a long time, this hero has attracted early picks and bans, and you're probably familiar with that helpless feeling of creeping away from the safety of...
Professional Hearthstone Featured Image

Breaking into Professional Hearthstone: Part Two

Editor's note: this article is the second installment of our series about becoming a professional Hearthstone player. Several weeks ago, one of our readers sent us an e-mail noting that there isn't much coverage out there about the semi-professional...
Reno Mage Banner

Reno Mage Guide

The release of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan brought with it many new Reno cards. Very quickly it was established that Warlock was the best Reno class, with Priest trailing. Reno Mage was thrown to the dumpsters, deemed virtually unplayable....
Talent Trees

Who Has the Best Talent Tree?

Now that we've all had a chance to play around with Dota's latest patch, with all its shrines and map changes, it's time to take a closer look at the newly introduced Talent Trees. Hero Talent Trees have proved to be...
Last Hitting

Uncontested Creeps: You’re Missing Too Many Last Hits

In a game with as much depth as League of Legends, there's always value in identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes that means going back to fundamentals, and today we're going to focus on the most basic of all of them:...
Ezreal Old Art

Ezreal Best ADC: Metrosexual Marksman Tops the Charts

As 2016 comes to a close, one man has stayed relevant throughout the entire year: Ezreal. Currently, he is the most played marksman at any relevant skill rating, despite countless changes since the start of the season. The never-falling-out-of-form...
Thrall Banner

Aggro Shaman Guide: It’s Back (Again)

My greatest fears have come to fruition. During the reveal of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, I wondered about this. And now it has happened. The new cards were cool and strong, but unfortunately, all they did was make Shaman...
Sniper is a terrifying opponent in mid.

The Mid Lane Shuffle: Dota 7.01

With the release of 7.01 balancing out the huge gameplay overhaul that 7.00 brought with some well placed tweaks, it's time to take a look at the meta in some real depth. What better way to start than checking the customary...
Monkey King likes his lanes like he likes his coffee: dominated.

Is the Monkey King Overpowered?

It's time to take a look at Dota's newest addition: the Monkey King. Patch 7.00 brought a whole host of changes, and it will be a while before the Monkey King is added to Captain's Mode and competitive play, but...
dota heroes patch 7.00

The Biggest Winners of Dota 7.00

Patch 7.00 is here, bringing with it a host of fundamental changes to the game and it is already being dubbed Dota 3. Along with the visual changes, the map has been massively reworked and the introduction of Talent...
Kun the Forgotten King

Kun the Forgotten King of Combos

When Kun the Forgotten King was first announced, everyone was excited about a zero mana 7/7. But that was mostly just hype, and very soon Kun faded into oblivion in most people’s minds. As the meta turned out to...