Perkz Monitor

EU LCS Week 1 Recap: New Players, Same Teams

After an offseason that felt like it lasted forever, the EU LCS resumed this weekend. Six series in however, and we've yet to see a single upset. Everyone's favorite stars are looking as strong as ever. Origen 0 -...

Ten Bans: More Depth, Diversity, and Strategy

In a measure to increase champion diversity in professional play, Riot announced this January that teams will now ban a total of 10 champions during champion select. In addition to increasing overall champion diversity, the change presents teams with...

Team Vitality Announces 2017 EU LCS Roster

Coming into a new LCS split with a dynamically different format, Team Vitality has added some key pieces to its roster in the hopes of reinventing the team's identity. Returning to the team are Lucas "Cabochard" Simon-Meslet (Top), Erlend Vatevik...
Origen XPeke Announcement

Origen Announces 2017 League of Legends Roster

Over a simple YouTube video, Enrique "xPeke" Cedeño Martinez announced the new roster for Origen's League of Legends team, after a disappointing 2016 season that left the former international contenders vulnerable to relegation. Upon returning to the EU...
Liquid Piglet Sits

Liquid Finishes 4th at IEM Gyeonggi: First Impressions

Going into IEM Gyeonggi with mere days of practice, Team Liquid's League of Legends squad was surrounded with question marks. With Matt "Matt" Elento being the only returning player from the playoff squad they fielded last year, the roster...
ROX Smeb PraY

ROX Tigers Roster Splits after Contract Negotiations Fail

Perhaps the only glue that could have kept the ROX Tigers intact was a World Championship. The Korean regional champions have likely seen their Cinderella story come to an anti-climatic and surprising close, just after taking the KeSPA Cup in...
Hauntzer Marry Me Success

How Do We Measure Success in Esports?

It's a big question, and there's four (and more) lenses by which we can evaluate the success of an esports team: Results, Marketability, Consistency, and Potential.
Samsung Rests

Samsung Rolls Past H2K, Setting up All-Korean Final

One thing is for certain after the semifinals at the 2016 League of Legends World Championships: a Korean winner. While the first semifinal series was a 5 game display of amazing League of Legends, the match between Samsung and H2K...
Fnatic Yellowstar

European Legend Yellowstar Retires

If anyone has been the pillar of European League of Legends since its inception, no player could be more fitting than Bora "Yellowstar" Kim. One of the few remaining veterans who made it out to the first League of...

Schalke 04 to Host Training Camp to Scout Talent

European LCS team Schalke 04 recently announced the start of their League of Legends Scouting Days 2016 program. Scouting Days will serve as a tryout/training camp situation where Schalke will host local League of Legends talent who have not...

Don’t Watch Worlds 2016 Finals: It’ll Be a 3-0

If you want to see the best match of Worlds 2016, don't bother looking towards the grand finals. Instead, tune in on October 21 to see the top bracket semifinals; it'll feature two of the top four teams at Worlds (unless you had...
H2K Bow Group Stage

Undefeated: H2K Climbs to Top of Group C

Coming out of the first week of Worlds 2016, H2K looked shaky to say the least. While no one necessarily had great expectations for them, the opponents in their group offered ample opportunity for success. Bringing a tied-for-last 1-2...