Jung’s Wednesday Rant: SPOTV Is a Joke

As if it wasn't enough that Monte and DoA were leaving the Korean League of Legends scene, on Monday night we all witnessed the miracle of broadcasting that is SPOTV. Riot took a hard fork this year with the choice...
MonteCristo and DoA Casting OGN

MonteCristo and DoA Leave LCK

The conductors of the 'Korean hype train' have made it to their last stop. As of January 10, 2017, Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles and Erik "DoA" Lonnquist will no longer be casting League of Legends in Korea. The most iconic casting...

Jung’s Wednesday Rant: Racist Casters

Everyone has biases - probably the most prominent emergence of this was in Montecristo's Worlds adventures where he fervently supported the 'Korean Hype Train', and yet, I didn't really take too much issue with his actual casting, despite the...
Overwatch Uber and Kaplan Casting

The Growth of Overwatch Casting

Anyone watching an Overwatch tournament has experienced a moment where you're watching an intense play but are having trouble following the action on screen. Admit it. We've all felt that way before. Luckily, we get to sit back as viewers to...
The International 2016

Why Hold The International 2016 Talent List?

TI6 starts in just a few days (hype!) - but Valve just released the talent list and format on Tuesday. Reddit's been whipped into a frenzy over which talent received invites and who was overlooked this year. It's pretty...

Should Major Tournaments Have Bilingual Casts?

Last week I wrote about Wings’ gaming BLink and y Innocence casting at The Summit 5. The subject of bilingual casts has been fairly contentious in the past. At The Summit 3, BTS invited Chuan to cast. Both times, the...

An Open Letter to Dota2 Casters

Ask ten different Dota fans who is their favorite caster, and you're likely to get answers naming one of  two or three unique casters. Ask ten different Dota fans which caster they absolutely cannot stand, and you're likely to...