C9 Contractz on stage

Cloud9 Adds Ray, Bumps Contractz to Starting Lineup

North American League of Legends squad Cloud9 has announced their lineup for the 2017 League Championship Series Spring Split on Monday, replacing their long-time jungler while adding a second Korean native up top. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rm3V5r5tHkI Via a video released on Monday, the...
Cloud9 gather around Stewie2k's monitor at the Americas Minor.

Watch the Throne: Tournament Winners Take Turns

Earlier this year, an important statistic came to light about the state of top tier CS:GO. Starting with ECS Season 1, there had been seven straight premier tournaments, each with a different winner. While Ninjas in Pyjamas broke that streak...
Dignitas hoisting trophy at EPICENTER 2016

Dignitas Heavy Favorites to Win DreamHack Winter

DreamHack Winter 2016 has begun and with the teams in attendance, Team Dignitas is a heavy favorite to win. DIG is clearly an elite team and, in my opinion, are sitting top two in the world behind only Virtus.pro. With this...

Cloud9’s Fresh Look: Unlocking Individual Talent

The New Baby Blue In the summer of 2015, Cloud9 were easily the best team in NA. They made it to the finals of three major tournaments, losing to only the best teams in the world. They were true competitors...

NP win Boston Major Main Qualifiers: Cloud9 Fans Rejoice

North America/South America Qualifiers Despite coming under fire from European invaders, two good 'ol North American teams have prevailed. Team NP and Complexity will be representing North America in Boston. In case you've been out of the pro loop for the last...
SKT on stage

SKT and Cloud9 Advance to Worlds Quarterfinals

The 2016 World Championship group stages wrapped up Sunday, sending forward North America’s Cloud9 as well as the two-time world champion SK Telecom T1. The defending champions were the first to qualify, sweeping three games to a 5-1 total record...

Cinderella Story: North America’s Hope Alive

The season-ending Worlds tournament taking place in North America during a time in which multiple analysts have North American teams ranked above many of their international counterparts seemed almost too good to be true. The potential for not just powerhouse...

SKT Takes Match-up between Former Teammates

The first match of Day 2 Worlds 2016 pitted North American veterans Cloud9 against the Korean overlords SK Telecom T1; the resulting match hardly lived up to the hype. SKT took the win in a 34 minute game that...
Cloud 9 Overwatch Win Agents Rising

Overwatch: Cloud9 since Agents Rising

Cloud9's role in the Overwatch scene took center stage in March when they signed a group of gamers who went by the name "GoogleMe". The team was already known at the time for their mechanically refined style and an ability to shake up the...
Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert for president.

Cloud9 at Northern Arena: It’s Almost Tank Top Season

Esports Edition snagged an interview with Cloud9's CS:GO squad at Northern Arena. As to be expected, they're a charming bunch, and with the addition of Timothy "autimatic" Ta, the team has been dominating their North American opposition and looking stronger...

Worlds Group B 2016: A Closer Look

Worlds Group B 2016 This past weekend the 2016 Worlds group draw took place, leaving us some time to salivate over the opening matches we’ll be seeing when the end of the year Worlds tournament officially kicks off on September...

The Gauntlet: Splyce and Cloud 9 Headed to Worlds

The Gauntlet Round 3 This past Monday marked the last day of pre-Worlds LCS action we'll get to see this year with the conclusion of the Gauntlet Round 3. It was the final day of Regional Qualifiers, aka the gauntlet,...